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Strange Brand

What happens when you combine a passion for marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, small business and entrepreneurial spirit into one site? You get Strange Brand of course.

Strange Brand is the brainchild of James Archer, owner of Forty Media Corporation (the company that handled the Forever Geek redesign). The blog is a great mix of business philosphy offering insight into what makes a company successful.

I first met James at SXSW where we discussed the possibility of having his sites join the network and we have been talking ever since then. He is a smart individual and we expect to see big things from him and his company as time goes on and we plan to help him along every step of the way.

Some entries worth the read:

This is site #1 of the 9rules Network (not including the sites that were already in) and we are excited about the first launch. May great content follow.