ProBlogger on 9rules

Darren Rowse has written an interesting examination of the 9rules Network over on his site. It goes over his thoughts on how both the network and sites will benefit from a mutual partnership and I must admit his thoughts are pretty spot on.

Darren covers many of the positive aspects of joining the network and I think it would be helpful if I offered my opinion on the negatives.

  • You don’t get 100% revenue. In most cases if you are making a good deal of money from your site then joining the network might not be in your best interests. However, if your site doesn’t do much with regards to revenue, then you might be surprised at how quickly your split revenue surpasses your full revenue. In the upcoming months our network and traffic might grow to the size that 99% of the sites on the web will benefit from being part of the network.
  • If the network looks bad, everyone looks bad. If something should occur such as me putting a malicious Dashboard Widget on your computer with Mike Rundle (our Chief Design Officer) running across your screen naked then the negative opinion about the network is passed on to its members. In turn if their sites take a hit, our reputation takes another hit so it is definitely in our best interests to run a tight ship.
  • Design envy. If you are not a designer or don’t think your site is that well-designed, joining the network might only make things worse by being in the same company as some of our design and personal sites.
  • Some readers don’t want more people sitting at their lunch table. In high school my group of friends sat at the same table every single day. During our senior year the seniors all sat in the same group of tables. If an underclassmen were to be found amongst the group there was a sense of anger because we had grown so comfortable keeping to our little clique. What I am trying to say is that some of your readers might not like the fact that more people are coming to your site and commenting.

I talk with Darren frequently and respect his opinion so I am glad to see that he is willing to offer his in a public forum. He also leaves the question up to his readers to decide what is good and bad about our network so why don’t you visit his site and offer your opinion.