Network News Vol. 1

Since this is the middle of the week I wanted to take a break from the announcements (yes we still have a couple more sites to go) and point out some of the wonderful entries that have been posted on our member’s sites in the past week.

The Web Design Client’s Bill of Rights

James Archer creates a bill of rights for his clients that helps to ease their fears of getting burnt by web vendors. It’s a solid start to a document that should be used by any web designer to help bring integrity to both the profession and their firm.

Five Simple Steps To Better Typography – Part 4

In this part of his wonderful series on typography, Mark Boulton discusses typographic hierarchy. If you thought that designing type and working with it was a simple matter of picking a family and size then this article will definitely have you thinking twice about such decisions. Be sure to checkout the comments as well for a great discussion.

What is Ajax?

Instead of even trying to explain what is going on at Johnnie’s site I will simply provide you with this excerpt.

First, the two examples that Mr Garrett points to do not qualify as Ajax. Google Suggest doesn’t use XML/XSLT for data interchange and manipulation. It uses JavaScript arrays. Why did Mr Gibbs choose JavaScript arrays over XML/XSLT? Because it’s a better approach. Does Google Suggest use XHTML? No. Why not? None of the Google sites save Blogger rely on XHTML code. So for someone to point to Google Suggest as the canonical example of their newly coined term, when in fact it doesn’t match two of the five criteria is not only incorrect, it’s a misrepresentation.

Adaptive Path is looking to sell a service. Telling people “this is how we build things, which is almost like how Google does it, but they use a slightly different approach 20% of the time” is much more complex than saying “Google does Ajax, and so do we.” Unfortunately, this is, at worst, a lie and, at best a stretch.

Gmail as a spam filter

John Zeratsky takes Dylan’s plan for using Gmail as a spam filter and offers his own take on it. Very handy indeed.

Hipster PDA on the juice

Peter Flaschner takes his newly renovated basement and decorates it with his ideas to help him brainstorm his next venture. An interesting take on site development that will make you wonder if you have enough wall space to do the same thing.

A Different Kind of Leader

James hits on a point that I strongly agree with. Too many people perceive leadership as consisting of one Alpha male/female and a bunch of followers. I see it more as collecting a group of talented individuals and having everyone help guide the ship to a common destination. Sort of like this 9rules thing I keep on hearing about.

So that is just a handful of the quality content that has passed through the network since last week. More sites coming tomorrow.