9rules blog

What would 9rules be without it’s own blog? That’s a question that’s been far overdue an adequate solution. So, we’ve combined the elegant creativity of Mr. Rundle with the stellar power of WordPress to bring you the 9rules blog.

The blog’s purpose

We’re working hard to build the 9rules network, and every day we get closer to release. However, this does not mean that we do not want all of you to be involved, nor do we think that our methods are perfect. From time-to-time you will see entries on this blog dealing with decisions that we’ve made along the way. Entries very similiar to Mike’s logo entry which generated much value-added feedback, which helps us to make our work better. We appreciate your feedback, and hopefully this blog will allow your voice to be heard.

Why WordPress?

WordPress’ powerful theme architecture and plugin API gives us the ability to not only build a powerful blog, but to empower an entire Network – as you’ll soon see. WordPress is not just for blogs anymore. We’re utilizing some of the very latest features available in WordPress Strayhorn (1.5) to build the 9rules network – a platform which will drive blogging and Weblog networks to the next level.