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Johnnie Manzari

Johnnie Manzari. Worked with:

  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • NASA
  • DaimlerChrysler

Writing with passion is what the web lacks. Johnnie takes a Gruberesque attitude when it comes to writing content. He doesn’t write often, but that’s because you can see he is taking his time formulating his ideas into one coherent path till finally you are left with some really great content.

I would link to recommended entries, but I suggest reading all of them.

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When deciding what type of sites to add into the network I had to make a conscious decision as to whether I should let personal sites in or not. The knock against them is that they “don’t earn money”, which we don’t mind, and that they are just about cats. However, I am sure you know that every once in a while you come across a gem of a personal site from a person who makes you feel like part of their life.

Welcome to

The name is Darice de Cuba, born on Aruba 23 years ago. Currently residing in The Hague, Holland and attending college. Loves reading, photography, movies and tennis. Speaks a good amount of Papiamento, Spanish, English and Dutch. Hopes to travel to New York, San Francisco, Barcelona and some rural place someday.

Take the time to enjoy.

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At the age of 16 I was just beginning to write my first five paragraph essay and learning to color in between the lines. At the age of 16 William Peng can write and design better than I will ever be able to. Bad for me, but good for the network.

I’m not a web designer and I don’t consider myself a web designer…

Scary to think what might happen if he ever did consider himself one someday. Made the 9rules Network by age 16, not bad at all.

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John Zeratsky

How many web designers do you know have a degree in Family and Consumer Journalism? I know one and he is now part of the 9rules Network. John Zeratsky is a man with a site that explores daily life and design. Sometimes you are getting a quick hit entry while other times you are getting an indepth analysis of a web design technique or book he has recently read.

And even though there is only one 9rules site on his reading list we still are happy to have him join us. We are just a bunch of happy people.

Member Sites

Almost Cool

It’s kind of ironic that a site called Almost Cool just happens to be way cool. Almost Cool is done by Peter Flaschner a “Toronto based designer, uncurable css addict, and workaholic.”

His site is the perfect mix of design discussion and personal life anecdotes with a splash of humor. And although we don’t base acceptances into the network on design, it’s great to see when you can combine quality content and a high quality design.

With the minimal discussions I have had with Peter it is easy to tell he is a high energy type of guy and we hope that we can keep up with him as it will only make us better.

That’s it for today’s sites. Enjoy.