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Applied Behaviour Analysis Or (ABA) Is Key To Autism Treatment

Written by David Seah on February 15, 2017

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses a series of interventions with the intention of improving a person’s reactions to stimuli, especially in social situations. Utilizing positive reinforcement, ABA trains awareness, self-regulation and is a common form of behavioural therapy used for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). (more…)

4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong in this Digital Age

Written by 9rules Blog on January 31, 2017

couple using smartphone

In this digital age, there’s still hope for couples to make their marital bond last throughout their lifetime contrary to what some people believe that technology has adversely affected relationships. It’s true that interactions these days have been divided into the online and offline worlds but technology use should not be reason for relationships to go sour. In fact, the internet and mobile technologies have complemented the way people communicate today.

Married couples are the people who should benefit from the use of technology. Even if they’re apart from each other staying in different states or countries, they can still connect in real time anytime they want. (more…)

Don’t Use a Payday Loan – Try These Lower-Cost Options

Written by 9rules Blog on January 25, 2017

payday loans

Payday loans were invented as a quick loan process to get you money when you can’t make it to your next paycheck. People can obtain a few thousand dollars with less than perfect credit and are expected to make payments on their paydays.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Payday loans feature incredibly high interest rates and fees that gouge you if the money isn’t paid back almost immediately. They should be regarded as a very last resort, and there are often better options for easy financing. (more…)

How Do Rehab Centers Work for the Recovery of Drug Addicts?

Written by 9rules Blog on January 23, 2017

drug rehab center

Drug abuse greatly affects the human body and not many people who use and depend on illegal drugs are aware of this. The adverse effects normally show in both the physical and psychological being of a person. Some of the common symptoms include sleep changes or difficulty in getting sleep, decreased memory and cognitive abilities, abnormal heart rate and blood pressure as well as pain in the chest or lungs.

Those who inject drugs are more at risk of contracting infections and experiencing abdominal pain and liver failure. Just as drug addiction wrecks havoc in a person’s physical and mental health, the process of rehabilitation can be as difficult to deal with. There are several processes that an drug addict has to go through during treatment and it’s very important that the patient has the will to change his lifestyle to fully recover. (more…)

Tips for Choosing the Best Drupal Themes for Small Business Websites

Written by 9rules Blog on January 18, 2017

small business website

Small businesses should make it a priority today to establish an online presence by creating a website. This should come first before creating your social media accounts.

A website is necessary to promote your business offerings and to engage your customers. It is also a way to attract potential customers moving forward. (more…)