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New Study Discovers Habits of The Common Gamer

Written by David Jones on May 1, 2016


As the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and rising everyday, it is no surprise that 63 percent of households in America have at least one member who considers themselves a gamer. The Entertainment Software Association has released some very interesting findings in their annual report on the gaming habits of American gamers. With more than 4,000 households completing the survey throughout the country, the association was able to find out exactly what kind of games were being played, how often and what made these people choose to spend their time and money on gaming. (more…)

How to Thrive on a Restricted Income

Written by David Jones on April 20, 2016

Let’s talk fixed income. It is the reality for millions of people in this country. According to the NCOA:

“22% of married Social Security recipients and 47% of single recipients aged 65+ depend on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. (Social Security Administration)”

That’s just Social Security recipients over 65. That doesn’t include the Social Security disability recipients. Now add to that, the SSI recipients, state welfare program recipients, and supplemental aid programs such as food stamps. (more…)

7 Questions to Help You Find the Right Weight Loss Supplements

Written by 9rules Blog on April 14, 2016

Most of us like the idea of losing a few pounds, but weight loss is often more challenging than we thought. You may diet, exercise, and cut out a handful of your unproductive habits, but ultimately, you may find yourself needing something “extra” to help you reach your weight loss goals. At this point, you may turn to weight loss supplements, but how do you know you’re getting the supplements you need?


The Unfortunate State of Weight Loss Supplements

The weight loss industry thrives on impulsive decisions and desperate people trying to lose weight. As a result, false promises litter the market, and the vast majority of weight loss supplements are either hoaxes or intentionally mislead their customers. There is no “magic solution” for weight loss, and though some supplements can help you lose weight in different ways, not every marketed solution is worth trying—some may even hurt you. Asking the right questions and choosing the right weight loss supplements can help you avoid problems. (more…)

7 Web Content Strategies to Speak to a Target Audience

Written by 9rules Blog on April 12, 2016


When it comes to web content, one of the biggest secrets to potential success isn’t really a secret. In fact, it’s a pretty common piece of advice. The problem is, most content marketers either don’t take it seriously, or they don’t understand how to act on the advice in a meaningful way.

What’s the advice? Write for a specific target audience. On the surface, this seems self-evident and straightforward, but if you think about it: Are you certain your content is tailored to one audience specifically? Or could it just as easily be applied to everyone? (more…)

6 Terrible Dental Habits You Should Break Immediately

Written by 9rules Blog on April 11, 2016

You probably brush your teeth twice a day. You might even floss. But it turns out that those aren’t the only two activities you should pursue to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

In fact, you’re probably also engaging in at least one of the following terrible dental habits that will destroy your teeth.

right way to brush teeth