So I decided to join WeightWatchers because I heard so many great things about it and wanted to lose some weight. They gave me great feedback on how to go about losing weight and getting back into the figure that I want as well as connecting me with some great people who are going through […]

Replacing The Dog Food

There is a saying about eating your own dog food and at 9rules we get to experience that everyday because of how we participate on the site. Hearing the suggestions that people give on improving the site goes a long way in helping us get to where we want to go, but using the site […]

The 9rules Story

Since we have a lot of fresh faces coming to 9rules now I figured not too many of them know the story behind 9rules and since every great company has a fascinating story to tell… The 9rules Story opened on August 14, 1980. When I was born I knew I was destined to create a […]

9rules Ali

When we began work on Version 5 of 9rules we had to come up with a codename, and we came up with Ali. There were many reasons for this, but one of them was that with each round he fought, Muhammed Ali grew stronger as a fighter and that’s what we wanted Version 5 to […]