Open Source Powers 9rules

When it comes to coding up this site we have three options: Do it ourselves. Put a blindfold over Tyme’s eyes and four keyboards and hope that after a week of solitude she pushed out something cool. Get someone else to do it. We went with 1 and 3, but not in the way you […]

To Mike and Tyme

To Mike and Tyme, We launched on Tuesday and we haven’t taken a step back since then to reflect what we did. Even worse I have not said my thanks so shame on me. Mike, you went above and beyond what I thought you were capable of and that is being for real. Somehow you […]

Staying True To Your Purpose

Back in 2005 I was talking with Mike and I told him this idea I had for a community of sites where site owners could get together and share resources and generally help each other out. We fleshed this idea out a bit more and over time 9rules was born. The first version of 9rules […]

Making A Better…

You hear the phrase “someone needs to make a better…” or “we just created a better…” many times on the web today. Maybe someone is set on making a better Digg or a better Google. With every new version of 9rules we set out to make a better 9rules than one before. How well we […]