Popular Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is not an easy commitment, and for the longest time, the consensus is that about half of American marriages end in divorce. In a recent survey, however, researchers found that this rate is not all that accurate. The New York Times published the results of this study, which shows that while divorce rates did […]

5 Sites to Read to Improve Your Personal Relationships

Your personal relationships are perhaps the most complicated and/or most important in your life. Different people have different ways of dealing with this topic, of course, but at some point or another, we all want to improve our personal relationships. Source As author Thomas Merton’s book says, No Man Is an Island. Even the most […]

Slow Response for Your Credit Card Complaints? Take it to Social Media

One distinct advantage that social media offers is the almost instantaneous results it provides. This is especially useful when you have a complaint about a product or service and your phone call just doesn’t seem to be having the effect and result you expected. Why don’t you take your grievance to social media? The Social […]