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Applied Behaviour Analysis Or (ABA) Is Key To Autism Treatment

Written by David Seah on February 15, 2017

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses a series of interventions with the intention of improving a person’s reactions to stimuli, especially in social situations. Utilizing positive reinforcement, ABA trains awareness, self-regulation and is a common form of behavioural therapy used for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). (more…)

Immediate Steps Battered Wives Should Take to Keep Safe

Written by 9rules Blog on December 27, 2015

In this day and age when women are being empowered to pursue their goals in the so-called men’s world, there are still those who prefer to lead a simple and quiet married life. Some even just keep quiet and suffer in the hands of the men they love.

domestic violence

When it comes to love, it’s never easy for some women to just leave their spouse even if they are already suffering physically and emotionally. There are various reasons that make them stay in the relationship such as hope that the spouse will change his behavior, feeling of shame if their friends and family know about their situation, financial concerns and lack of confidence of walking away due to the absence of a support network. (more…)

What Can I Expect From My Personal Injury Case? [Infographic]

Written by 9rules Blog on October 28, 2015

An infographic looking at personal injury cases.

7 Tips for Raising Happy and Healthy Children

Written by 9rules Blog on March 15, 2015

Before we’re adults, we may take a happy, healthy childhood for granted. But everything changes when you have children of your own and come to understand the challenge of providing for your kids.

You can’t possibly stress over every detail, but you do need to focus on doing whatever you can to encourage health and happiness in every possible way. Specifically, you could sum up your mission with the following seven aims:

· Provide a balanced diet. Children of different ages have different dietary needs. It’s essential, however, to make sure every child gets adequate amounts of basic vitamins and minerals, proteins, and fiber. This resource from the CDC lets you type in your child’s age, sex, and level of physical activity to arrive at a recommended amount of daily fruits and veggies. (more…)

How To Get Out of Debt [Infographic]

Written by David Jones on January 29, 2015

An infographic looking at how to get out of debt.

Via: NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer Ralph Ferro