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Most Funded Kickstarter Art Projects

Written by 9rules Blog on November 29, 2013

Art projects are a lot of fun to do particularly if you’re passionate about making your own unique creations. They take time, concentration, patience and perseverance in order to successfully create what you really desire to achieve. Another important consideration is the funding to sustain one’s project.

Aspiring artists who lack funds to start their projects are lucky these days they can turn to the crowdfunding platforms to gain financial support. Kickstarter has been a major help to young artists and techies dedicated to achieve their dreams on an international level.

Consumers, on the other hand, can also conveniently buy Kickstarter products they want on the internet including the various artworks developed by creative people. Below we share some of the most-funded Kickstarter art projects.

Bike EXIF nominated for Mashable’s Open Web Awards ’09

Written by Andy Merrett on November 19, 2009


Great news for one of our 9rules members. Bike EXIF, edited by Chris Hunter, has been nominated for Best Online Magazine in this year’s Mashable Open Web Awards.

Bike EXIF is up against four other contenders. If you’d like to give it a boost, you can click on the banner below to cast your vote — you’ll need to be signed in with Twitter or Facebook Connect:

Voting remains open until 13th December, with the winners announced on Tuesday 15th December.

Are any other 9rules members nominated? Let us know in the comments and we’ll push you as well.

Congratulations, Chris, and good luck!

The Irony of Hynes Developments

Written by Jayvee Fernandez on October 25, 2009


Hynes Developments (http://www.hynesdevelopments.com) really loves our logo. The irony, from their mission page:

Our approach focuses first and foremost on the social and environmental impact of our developments. We strongly believe that as both individuals and groups our behaviour is greatly influenced by our surrounding physical environment. We seek to understand the social consequences of built form, functional organization and patterns of use, ownership and governance.

No link love for you.

This is another copyright infringement of the 9rules logo. We had another one a few days ago. Boy, we really do get around, eh.

Parkview really likes the 9rules leaf: Memories of Toyota

Written by Andy Merrett on October 20, 2009

parkview-logoIf you’ve been following 9rules for some time, you’ll remember the story of a local Toyota dealership using the 9rules leaf for some of its publicity merchandise.

Though Toyota took the logo down (and subsequently put it back, it seems other companies are happy to do the same.

Take the South African shopping mall Parkview Centre, which has emblazoned a near-identical 9rules leaf on its building and marketing literature. (more…)

Round Updates

Written by Jayvee Fernandez on October 5, 2009

We’ve received over 150 new blog applications and though we thought the weekend was enough, we’re needing a bit more time to sort through the entries. More updates to come very soon!