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5 Reasons to Ditch the Stigma of “Working From Home”

Written by 9rules Blog on February 25, 2016

Until recently, working from home was often met with rolled eyes or laughter. If you were “working from home” (quotes included), it meant you were intentionally slacking off. Accordingly, remote work developed a negative reputation—a stigma—that still persists today, preventing thousands of companies and millions of employees from reaping the benefits.


10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Written by 9rules Blog on January 30, 2016

It doesn’t matter how old you are – it’s fun to have a party on your birthday. However, for the person planning the event, it’s not always enjoyable. The stress that comes with the responsibility of planning the party can be overwhelming to say the least, particularly if you don’t have any concept of what makes a good birthday party. From deciding on the perfect theme to reserving the venue, let’s take a look at making your next party great!


1. Decide on a Theme

A birthday party without a theme is just a party. Your guests and VIP will have a much more enjoyable time if you come up with a theme. It doesn’t have to be cheesy. Just choose something fun that will reflect the birthday person’s interests. (more…)

Migraine Prone? Avoid The Common Dietary Triggers

Written by 9rules Blog on January 30, 2016

There are many factors that can contribute to migraines, including weather changes, lack of sleep, and hormone fluctuations. Even depression is linked to increased migraine activity. What many migraine sufferers have noted, however, is that there are certain foods that consistently trigger migraines. If you’re prone to migraines, you’ll need to target your own unique trigger foods. Here are a few common triggers to investigate first.

woman with migraine

Mind Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a common migraine trigger for multiple reasons. First, any alcohol may cause dehydration, which can trigger a migraine, so it’s important to counter any alcohol with adequate amounts of water to prevent this from happening and avoid drinking in excess. (more…)

10 Office Design Ideas to Improve Productivity

Written by 9rules Blog on December 10, 2015

Working in an office can be stifling for creativity. The workplace environment has a much stronger impact on overall productivity than many people realize. If you’re looking for a way to get your employees to stay focused and work better together, evaluating the design of your office layout may be just what you need! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

office design

1. Add Modular Furniture

A lot of businesses are turning towards open-concept desks, but that’s not always the best option for every office. For some, modular systems, better known as cubicles, are better for increasing productivity and keeping your workforce focused. Just be sure these systems are well designed and can adapt to the demands of a busy office. (more…)

What A Bankrupt City Goes Through

Written by 9rules Blog on September 21, 2015

Many people dread suffering from bankruptcy. But although this is the case, their habit or carelessness most often lead them to this path. The same is true with cities. In the U.S. alone, many towns, counties and metropolitan areas have filed for bankruptcy in the past and in recent years and quite a number of them are still recovering.

On the part of a private individual, being broke means facing huge debts and not having the immediate finances to settle them. Cities go through the same situation although the causes differ greatly.

What Happens When a City Goes Broke?

Detroit Bankruptcy

A city is likely to file for Chapter 9 of the federal bankruptcy code when it has depleted its funds and is having difficulty finding financial resources and settling its debts. The act aims to seek protection from the creditors and assistance on how to best settle its financial obligations. (more…)