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On Trend For 2018: 3 Wedding Styles

Written by Teresa Te on September 20, 2017

Planning the perfect wedding is an art form that requires mingling current trends with personal taste to create something unique and memorable – and part of what makes this so difficult is that the trends when you start planning are likely to be different from what’s stylish when the wedding date actually arrives. In 2016, weddings were all about metallic colors, convertible dresses, and quirky dessert bars, for example, while in 2017 we’ve seen a lot of destination weddings, big entrances, and overhead decorations.

Now, with the 2017 wedding season winding down, it’s time to start thinking about what’s on the horizon for 2018 nuptials. Expect to see these 3 trends making a splash at ceremonies in the coming year. (more…)

Your Extra-Large Dog Deserves an Extra-Large Bed

Written by Teresa Te on September 11, 2017

If you know the phrase “bigger is better,” then you know it extends to your dog, too. There are many large and extra-large dog breeds out there, and each comes with its own particular care and training needs. Most large dog breeds are big for a reason — they were bred for a specific purpose or function. Some breeds were meant to be hunters, while others were bred to be guard dogs. Dogs with great physical endurance brought livestock or produce to market and even protected the farm from predators. Knowing your dog’s original purpose can be very important in determining not only the amount of exercise a dog will need, but also how much energy they expend in a day — and therefore how much rest they will need. (more…)

How Can You Tell If You Need a Lawyer?

Written by Teresa Te on September 6, 2017

Nobody likes the idea of needing a lawyer. If you do, it likely means you’re in trouble, or something negative has happened to you. It means you may be responsible for extensive legal fees, and you may be tied up in court for a period of weeks or months.

Still, lawyers provide an important service, and if you’re in a precarious legal situation, it’s generally better to hire one than it is to try and resolve the situation on your own. So how can you tell if a situation warrants a lawyer? (more…)

How a Post Nuptial Agreement Can Help During Your Divorce

Written by Teresa Te on August 30, 2017

A divorce can be one of the most difficult situations a spouse can go through. The emotional impact can be devastating particularly for the spouse who did not see it coming.

So what can you do then if your partner tells you he or she wants a divorce? What are the best steps to take to make the process less stressful?

If you’re not sure about what to do next and you have a strong feeling that your marriage can no longer be saved, you may consult a divorce lawyer first. This way, you get the proper information and advice on the process and what to expect from it. One of the first things you would be asked if you have a prenuptial agreement. This particular document states the properties owned by each spouse before they tie the knot and what will happen to them should the marriage fail. (more…)

Planning to File a Divorce? Get a Good Lawyer!

Written by Teresa Te on August 24, 2017

Not all marriages last forever. Some couples eventually find themselves not totally compatible along the way hence, the decision to divorce.

While ending one’s marriage can be a devastating and stressful experience, it can be overcome by the spouses involved. Hiring a divorce lawyer may help lessen the burden particularly in accomplishing the paperwork required. It can also reduce the emotional stress that couples and their children experience during the divorce process. (more…)