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Moving Past Generic: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Unique

Written by Teresa Te on April 19, 2018

Not everyone has a penchant for home design, but how you decorate your house says a lot about who you are and what sort of interests you have. So, instead of going with boring, generic choices, why not spice things up a bit?

Make Your Home Unique

When did our homes become generic reflections of societal tastes and trends? Shouldn’t they be lively, unique, and creative embodiments of our personalities? (more…)

The 10 Most Important Things to Establish as a New Freelancer

Written by Teresa Te on April 16, 2018

For a savvy entrepreneur or a talented professional, freelancing can be a lucrative and flexible opportunity. Assuming you have all the right things in place, you’ll have unlimited income potential, and a career path that affords you autonomy and adaptability—possibly doing something you already love.

But what are “all the right things” you need to get started? And how can you attain them? (more…)

5 of the Costliest Mistakes Rookie Boat Owners Make

Written by Teresa Te on April 9, 2018

If you love being on the water, boat ownership is probably something you’ve always desired. Just like owning your first car, purchasing your first boat gives you a sense of unparalleled freedom. However, with boat ownership comes great responsibility.

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

People often jokingly refer to boats as “toys.” Don’t let this confuse you into thinking there’s anything flippant about getting behind the wheel of a boat. If you aren’t constantly aware of what’s happening around you, things can go from a relaxing afternoon on the water to a total disaster in a matter of seconds. (more…)

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Moths

Written by Teresa Te on March 27, 2018

If you’ve never had a moth problem in your house, then consider yourself lucky. At one point or another, you’ll probably encounter moths and it’s imperative that you know how to respond in order to prevent an infestation.

5 Ways to Eliminate Moths

Moths are both dangerous and annoying. They’re dangerous in the sense that they can contaminate your home with their feces and white cocoons. When these elements come into contact with food, they can lead to allergic reactions and, in extreme cases, intestinal diseases. They’re annoying in the sense that they fly very fast and erratically, eat clothing and food, and leave larvae behind (which most people can’t detect with the naked eye). (more…)

How to Be a Better Parent in This Digital Age

Written by Teresa Te on March 3, 2018

The digital age is here and there’s no stopping children from embracing technology particularly mobile technology of all sizes. It cannot be denied that even toddlers these days know how to operate a tablet or smartphone. But while this advancement in technology provides many benefits to people, experts caution against letting kids use their gadgets for long hours as it can be addictive and could lead to serious problems.

Indeed this frequent use of gadgets has already caused numerous parents to be concerned for their kids. Many are complaining over the fact that they could not easily stop their child from using their device and are having difficulty finding ways to keep them away from their favorite gadget. (more…)