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Buenos Aires Sets Example For The World On Energy Efficient Transportation

Written by David Jones on April 12, 2017

Photo by Lonely Planet

Buenos Aires has become a popular travel destination for tourists who like to enjoy nightlife with great food and stunning architecture in an atmosphere that combines contemporary culture with the old world. There’s no denying that the European architecture in Buenos Aires can be a vivid experience.

In addition to being a top vacation destination, Buenos Aires is also at the forefront of energy efficient transportation. (more…)

10 American Golf Courses You Have to Visit If You’re a Golf Enthusiast

Written by David Jones on April 7, 2017

Some people love football, basketball, and baseball while others love the game that revolves around personal achievement: golf. Whether you golf often because due to business or you’ve always had a passion for the game, you can’t help but appreciate the variety of courses throughout the country. The beautiful greens are peaceful and idyllic, and there are some golf courses that are more breathtaking than others.

If you love everything about the golf experience, here are some golf courses in the United States, in no particular order, that you’ll want to check out. (more…)

The Time Is Now To Conduct Spring Roof Repair

Written by David Jones on March 31, 2017

Winter can take quite a toll on your home’s roof in Toronto Ontario. High winds blow trees, debris, snow, and ice onto your roof, which may not only weigh down your roof, but may also severely damage it. Even if your roof isn’t noticeably damaged in the midst of winter, you may find traces of damage as the snow begins to melt and leaks start to form into your attic or even through your ceiling. Early spring marks the perfect time for a roof inspection and to conduct any necessary spring roof repair. (more…)

Make Time This Spring For The Guitar

Written by David Jones on March 31, 2017

Sure, you could make a New Year’s Resolution at the actual New Year like most people. But then, like most people, you’d have already given up on your goals by now. When roughly 80% of all resolutions fail by mid-February, why would you ever tie your dream to master the guitar with such a doomed date? If you want to give yourself a fighting chance, a springtime resolution has a greater likelihood of turning into a lifelong hobby.

Canadians, Americans living near the border, and anyone else in the Northern Hemisphere are at a disadvantage when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. It’s difficult to find enough motivation to leave your warm and cosy bed when the temperatures drop well below zero, let alone have the energy to tackle a brand new hobby. It’s so easy to snuggle under the blankets, flick on Netflix, and promise yourself that you’ll touch the guitar tomorrow. (more…)

The Complete Guide to Hosting on Airbnb

Written by David Jones on March 29, 2017

If you’ve ever thought about making a passive stream of income using the resources you already have, you might have considered using Airbnb. It’s been around for almost a decade now, and has built a solid reputation as a way for homeowners (and sometimes renters) to make some extra cash on the side.

But if you aren’t familiar with the system or how to best use it to your advantage, you might end up spending more money than you make—or worse, you could end up with a problematic guest who turns your money-making venture into a horror story. (more…)