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What You Should Know About Social Media Laws

Written by David Jones on June 25, 2017

Social media is the most widely used tool today for communication and marketing purposes. Used by both private individuals and companies, it has become a very convenient tool as it can be accessed via mobile devices and best of all, it’s free of charge. But while this is so, there are certain rules to follow to ensure that these social networking sites are used positively to accomplish one’s objectives and not attack the reputation of people and organizations.

Each social networking site has its own set of guidelines for its users the reason why people should find time to read and understand them. Any violation won’t go unnoticed as administrators are quick to send notifications to point out what users have done wrong. And if this violation continues, a member’s account can be removed from the site. (more…)

How to Ace Your First Semester of College

Written by David Jones on June 16, 2017

College is one of those pinnacle experiences that you wait for your entire life. It gives you the chance for a fresh start, the freedom of independence, and paves the way for a new future. But with so many new challenges staring you down, it’s natural to have some level of anxiety.

6 Tips for Acing the First Semester

The summer before college may feel slow and drawn out, but once you arrive on campus for move-in day, reality starts to set in. When your parents drive away, you’ll be left in a new city, with a new room, and new friends. But instead of letting all of this change scare you, heed the following advice for acing your first semester. (more…)

Get the Professional Look At Home

Written by David Jones on June 15, 2017

Applying your makeup like a professional is not difficult once you have the right tips. The key is knowing what the professionals use and the techniques that they employ to ensure that the makeup they apply looks virtually flawless.

Find an Awesome Primer

A primer gets your skin ready for makeup application. There are dozens of options, so look for one that matches your skin tone. For example, a hydrating primer for dry skin or a matte primer for oily skin. Apply the primer evenly and gently push it into your skin. Allow it to set before starting your foundation and concealer routine. (more…)

What is Being Done to Curb Drug-related Crimes in Asia?

Written by David Jones on June 13, 2017

Drugs not only wreak havoc to people, physically and emotionally, but it also adversely affects society in general. At its worst, consistent use and abuse of drugs can kill people.

Worldwide, Asia is one region that has been beset by drug problems. Millions of people in the different Asian countries are either using drugs or involved in its trade. While drug traders have been enjoying huge earnings selling illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, users are seeing themselves deteriorating and becoming society’s major problem. (more…)

5 Key Challenges Credit Unions Must Face

Written by David Jones on June 11, 2017

Credit unions are at a critical fork in the road right now: the financial industry is changing and customers’ expectations are rapidly evolving, credit union membership is aging, and mergers are increasingly the path to growth and competing with commercial banks.

A lengthy report from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management identifies some key areas where credit union boards need to improve. Most importantly of all, credit union boards need to look at the hard facts of their place in the market and how they can compete against commercial banking and online banks. (more…)