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Spoil Your Family This Christmas with the Powerball Jackpot!

Written by Teresa Te on November 9, 2017

Christmas is right around the corner yet again, and while it seems like last Christmas just happened, leaving us little time to recover financially, we still have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and shop for our loved ones all over again. Well, it’s a good thing the Powerball lottery is available in Canada, with its numerous prizes and jackpot routinely well into the hundreds of millions of dollars – while it’s no certain thing to win, buying an inexpensive ticket each draw could yield a massive solution to your Christmas woes.

The prizes work like this: of your five main numbers and one Powerball number, if you just get your Powerball drawn, you win four dollars, or roughly double the price you paid for a ticket; if you match two main numbers and your Powerball, you get seven dollars; if you match three main numbers and your Powerball (or four main numbers without the Powerball) you get a hundred dollars; if you match four numbers and a Powerball, you get $50,000; if you match all five main numbers without the Powerball, you get a whopping million dollar prize; and, of course, if you match your five main numbers and one Powerball, you get the whole jackpot, which will be no less than $40 million! (more…)

How Does Snoring Develop?

Written by Teresa Te on November 3, 2017

Snoring is an annoying inconvenience for some people, and a life-altering burden for others. In total, according to Sleep Education, about 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women snore on a regular basis. They recognize what snoring is, and how it can affect both their sleep and the sleep of their partner, but most people don’t realize how complicated snoring really is—and how it can develop over time.

The Mechanics of Snoring

Snoring produces noise of varying intensity levels, associated with each breath during sleep. For some people, the sound is a loud vibration, while for others, it’s a hiss or a low groan. In any case, snoring occurs when air can’t move freely through the nose and throat. Without that flexibility of movement, the air makes surrounding tissues vibrate, which causes the audible sound. (more…)

Celebrate The Winter Solstice In Style!

Written by Teresa Te on November 3, 2017

This year, the winter solstice – also known as Blue Christmas – is on December 21st. If you’re sick of the same old lame Christmas parties with bad music, eggnog and awful sweaters, it might be time to create your own tradition and celebrate like out pagan ancestors. Since our culture is mostly secular these days anyway, it makes more sense to celebrate the solstice as the halfway point of winter: the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is a way of paying tribute to the nature of our galaxy and the astronomical changes, which can feel more appropriate if you are not particularly religious. Additionally, Christmas can feel like a decadent celebration of capitalism and overconsumption while having a potluck and drinking some good wine on the shortest day of the year is more a celebration of community and personal connections.

In this post, we’ll recommend several ideas that you could implement rather than the same old worn out Christmas traditions. (more…)

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Written by Teresa Te on October 28, 2017

You’ve seen the commercials and advertisements for personal injury attorneys, but you never thought you’d need one. But here you are, in a situation where you’re hurt, frustrated, and afraid.

You’ve been injured, but you aren’t sure what the process of hiring an attorney involves, or even whether you need one. The fact that you’re being critical about your situation is good. (more…)

More Like “Me”: 3 Tips For Reclaiming Your Pre-Baby Body

Written by Teresa Te on October 21, 2017

Having a baby is like becoming a new person. Before, you lived for yourself, but now another human being’s life depends on your care. The shift in identity is dramatic, but for many women, it’s easier to adjust to than the physiological impact of childbearing.

Bearing a baby results in significant bodily changes that go beyond baby weight, and it can be hard to bounce back from the experience, especially if you’re also dealing with post-partum depression. That’s why, if you’re a new mom, it’s crucial to take some time to focus on yourself. (more…)