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The 6 Biggest Problems You’ll Need to Face in Shipping and Fulfillment

Written by David Jones on June 25, 2017

Most eCommerce businesses rely on some kind of shipping and fulfillment process to operate successfully. For example, if you manufacture the products you sell in-house, you’ll need to find a way to ship those products to your customers. If you’re an online reseller, you may need to communicate with your warehouse and/or distributor to ensure orders are properly fulfilled.

On the surface, it seems simple, but when you’re planning, establishing, and scaling your business, you’ll likely run into a number of challenges that aren’t easy to resolve. (more…)

Are Subprime Auto Loans Forming a New Consumer Lending Bubble?

Written by David Jones on June 21, 2017

The 2008 financial crisis was the single worst economic crisis in recent memory. There were a variety of interrelated factors that led to its development, but most people identify the first domino as deregulation in the financial industry that led to higher availability of subprime mortgages.

Put simply, banks were issuing mortgages at ridiculously low rates to subprime borrowers (those with limited or poor credit) to engage in hedge fund trading of derivatives (a newly available strategy, thanks to said deregulation). When Fed interest rates rose at a time when subprime interest rates were starting to reset, there was a cascade of homeowners who could no longer afford to keep their homes. Banks, simultaneously, suffered and stopped lending to each other, and the combination of financial industry and consumer economic woes caused global markets to spiral out of control. (more…)

4 Things To Do Right The First Time With New Hires

Written by David Jones on June 14, 2017

When you need a new employee, do you toss up a quick post on Craigslist by copying and pasting a job description you found on an official job website? Do you relist a former ad for the position? Furthermore, how much involvement do you have in your new hire process from start to finish?

Unless you have a proven training program in place like most major corporations, you should be completely involved in hiring and onboarding your new staff members, starting with the ads you create. (more…)

5 Key Challenges Credit Unions Must Face

Written by David Jones on June 11, 2017

Credit unions are at a critical fork in the road right now: the financial industry is changing and customers’ expectations are rapidly evolving, credit union membership is aging, and mergers are increasingly the path to growth and competing with commercial banks.

A lengthy report from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management identifies some key areas where credit union boards need to improve. Most importantly of all, credit union boards need to look at the hard facts of their place in the market and how they can compete against commercial banking and online banks. (more…)

How to Use Your Podcast to Further Your Brand

Written by David Jones on June 8, 2017

In a world where people skim through printed content and video ads complete with images for the reader’s attention, content people can listen to remains just as popular and retains their attention for extended periods of time. This is why radio is still going strong while TV viewing is declining. It is why audiobooks are exploding while print book sales have slowed. And podcasts are becoming popular ways to listen to the content you want whether working or working out. Here are some tips on how to use your podcast to further your brand.

Find Subjects You Can Talk About

It isn’t enough to find topics to discuss. They need to be topics you can discuss expertly, provide your unique point of view, and talk about for at least a few minutes. If you sound like you’re reading the morning announcements when discussing industry trends, find something else to discuss. (more…)