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3 Ways You Can Beat the Competition

Written by David Jones on April 28, 2017

While it may not seem like it at the time, competition is actually a good thing. It forces you to grow and do things differently in order to survive. But what happens when you struggle to stand out? You probably need to give it a little more attention than you have in the past.

How to Leave the Competition in the Dust

Every business faces unique challenges within their own industry, but there tend to be some common principles that hold true no matter the circumstances. If your goal is to beat out the competition and elevate your brand to the top spot in your customers’ minds, the following suggestions will most definitely help. (more…)

3 Expert Business Tips Every New Entrepreneur Must Know

Written by David Jones on March 27, 2017

There is no better time to start a business than today. The economy is on a steady climb and the market is ready for some new, exciting products. Customers are more active in finding information and new products they can benefit from, which means market penetration is easy. Add the internet to that combination and we have a winner.

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, however, there are a few important things you need to know. These next few tips from experts and successful entrepreneurs will help you get the ball rolling without a hitch. (more…)

Jumpstart Your Holiday Recovery With A Loan

Written by David Seah on February 16, 2017

If you’re like most Canadians, then you’re recovering from a holiday hangover — and we’re not talking about the headache from too many seasonal libations! The most wonderful time of the year can have a devastating impact on Canadian budgets, as many of us over indulge in order to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. Between travel plans (a notoriously pricey endeavour in this country) and presents (made even more expensive because of sales tax), before you know it you’ve blown your budget. Now that the bills are coming in, you’re left to face the consequences of your holiday spending bender. If you need a little help covering these bills in the New Year, a pay day lender can offer the assistance you need. (more…)

Feel Good About Your Choice Of Lender

Written by David Seah on February 16, 2017

Finding where to go when you need a personal line of credit is a challenge. There are roughly 26,800 commercial banks and payday lenders in the United States. Thankfully, some of these institutions aren’t available in your region, so you don’t have to investigate every single option before you can make an intelligent choice about your line of credit. (more…)

Financial Aid For Single Parents

Written by David Seah on February 15, 2017

To say that raising a child on your own is a difficult task is putting it lightly. The financial challenge of providing for your child is often too much to bear for single parents. That’s why a system has been put in place to help you track down your ex and secure child support payments. (more…)