Almost Cool

It’s kind of ironic that a site called Almost Cool just happens to be way cool. Almost Cool is done by Peter Flaschner a “Toronto based designer, uncurable css addict, and workaholic.” His site is the perfect mix of design discussion and personal life anecdotes with a splash of humor. And although we don’t base […]

Mark Boulton

Yesterday I mentioned that The Return of Design took the Whitespace concept I had in my head and made it real. Mark Boulton writes the content that I would love to be able to write on Whitespace. It’s one thing to talk about design and something totally different to actually know what you are talking […]


I first came across Erik Sagen’s Kartooner in April of 2004 and instantly loved the then current design. From then I occasionally came across the site whenever our Chief Design Officer, Mike Rundle, shot me a link to Erik’s entries. Thoughts and observations from a quirky cartoonist and designer. Erik Sagen is a man of […]

The Return of Design

When I started Whitespace in September of 2003 I had envisioned of simply writing articles on design. Over time Whitespace expanded, but the focus remained the same, focus on design. A couple of months ago I wanted to make some changes to Whitespace because there were a lot of design issues that I wanted to […]

Strange Brand

What happens when you combine a passion for marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, small business and entrepreneurial spirit into one site? You get Strange Brand of course. Strange Brand is the brainchild of James Archer, owner of Forty Media Corporation (the company that handled the Forever Geek redesign). The blog is a great mix of […]