9rules Relaunches April 30

Whenever the mention of a new 9rules comes up we get the inevitable question of when this will occur. We have finalized that date and we figured we keep it for the last day of the month, April 30. So if you have nothing to do that day or are in a meeting at work […]

9rules Preview Twitter Contests

Let’s have some fun. Every day this week I will ask a question on my Twitter account and the first one to reply with the correct answer will get a sneak peek at the upcoming 9rules. This doesn’t mean you get a sneak peek to show the world, but a sneak peek to look and […]

Drinkcast III Tonight @11pm

Sorry for the late notice, but you have 5 hours to get ready for Drinkcast III where we will unveil the latest project from the team. We aren’t waiting till we are done with it, we are getting everyone in on the ground floor as we start a series on how we go about building […]