9rules Round 8 in 7 days

You know I am not one for a lot of talk unless there are Swedish twins and Vodka involved so let us cut to the chase. Round 8, our final submission round of the year is going down next week, November 5. Spread the word so we can add a ton more amazing sites for […]

Streamcast: Wednesday 9pm Eastern

This Wednesday the crew will get together and go over some of the submissions live so you can get a feel for what we look for in submissions to 9rules. It will go on for at least an hour so there will be plenty of quality information flowing throughout. Make sure to be there.

More Than 10 Submissions

In my last post it seems that some people actually believed that only 10 sites submitted to 9rules for Round 7 and therefore only 5 in Round 6. Sarcasm is sometimes lost online or you just don’t know me or the fact that 9rules rocks the boat. I won’t report the number of submissions, but […]

Round 7 Is Over

Thank you to all of the blogs that submitted during Round 7. It was an increase from the amount that submitted in Round 6 so we are very pleased. Instead of 5 blogs, 10 submitted this time so our popularity has doubled over the years. Next week we will be doing a livestream going over […]

Round 7 Begins

If you follow the blog circles you may know that many blog networks are dying. It’s a shame, but it happens to businesses across all industries. The great thing about 9rules is that we don’t pay you and you don’t pay us. We just mutually help each other out like those cool small fish that […]