22 Dollars

Chad Lapa is only 24 years old, however his financial experiences far outweigh his age. Chad has been visiting Casino Niagara for the past 3-4 years, and in that time he’s won enough money to 1) pay off his student loans, 2) buy a $40k luxury sedan, 3) take trips to Europe, and now, 4) […]

Google Weirdness

Last week I was over at Google and decided to do the typical vanity search: either your name, or your site or company, etc. I Google’d 9rules and came up with about 3.2M results which was up from the last time I did it. Yesterday I ran the same query again but it only came […]

Do It For The Passion

9rules Members don’t blog for the money, they blog because they have a fiery passion for their favorite topic. They’re entrepreneurial, industrious, adventurous, and are excited by the prospect that they control their site’s destiny. They’ve worked hard, built something from scratch, and jump at the chance to see it grow and blossom. The 9rules […]

Biting The Dust, But Not Yet

Hey guys, the very nice post that Paul wrote up earlier tonight (and all the great comments!) was switched to a draft and unpublished. It will be published soon, but not right now. Not that it wasn’t great, but the timing is a bit off since people we needed to talk to regarding the news […]

9rules vs. Squidoo

After reading Michael Arrington’s entry about how he thinks Squidoo might be dead in the water I thought it might be fun to do a comparison between the 9rules Network and Squidoo’s network of lensmasters. The last time I wrote about Squidoo it was over at Business Logs, and Seth Godin himself took the time […]