Niche Blogs and The Long Tail of Content

Just like with every business, the ultimate goal of what you’re trying to achieve becomes clearer 1) the longer you’re in business and 2) the longer you’re thinking about your business. We’ve been running 9rules in its current state since Summer 2005, and Paul had it for two years prior to that, so we’ve been […]

Do You Dream In 9rules?

Mick Real posted this fascinating entry on his blog just a little after he woke up, and the topic of it was an odd dream he had: “The setting was a beach or somewhere near water similar to that of a beach with waves. There were cliff like walls on either side of this water […]

The 9rules Effect

Normally we don’t do posts like this, but an image that Chad from 22dollars sent me was just too good not to publish. Before he was announced as joining 9rules his RSS subscriber base was flattening out, not because the content isn’t killer (it is) but because it’s tough for a new blog to gain […]

Join 9rules Facebook!

We’ve been kicking around the idea of having a 9rules Facebook group in the Forums for about a month now, and last night I finally put one together. If you’ve got a Facebook account you can check it out here: 9rules on Facebook. It’s open to both members and non-members, so feel free to hop […]