Toyota Loves 9rules So Much, They Used Our Leaf

The Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky must really think 9rules is something nifty, because for their “In the Interest of Women” conference (website/logo here) they took a 9rules leaf, flipped it horizontally and turned it green to celebrate their love! I assume that nobody associated with Toyota did such a thing (probably an underpaid design […]

Introducing 9rules Search: Member Content Plus A Whole Lot More

(Quick query links: iPod Shuffle, President Bush, Paris Hilton, Ferrari) Since November 2005 we’ve been storing our member’s content in our database because we knew at some point we’d have a pretty good amount of data to work with through search and other means. The first year or so of 9rules existence was about grouping […]

Introducing 9rules Tools: First Up, Reader Badges

The next few weeks will be big for us, not only because Steve Jobs is set to announce the coolest Apple-thing ever on Tuesday, but because we’ve been working on some fun stuff and we’re psyched to finally talk about it. The first is 9rules Tools, our new outlet for cool, bite-sized 9rules interactivity. Up […]