Toyota Loves 9rules So Much, They Used Our Leaf

The Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky must really think 9rules is something nifty, because for their “In the Interest of Women” conference (website/logo here) they took a 9rules leaf, flipped it horizontally and turned it green to celebrate their love! I assume that nobody associated with Toyota did such a thing (probably an underpaid design […]

A Gradient Tutorial

(Posting this here instead of because our server is currently being moved!) If you add together all the “interface tricks” designers use on 1) websites, 2) blogs, and 3) web applications, the one common thread is the idea of manipulation. When we use gloss, gradients, or drop shadows it’s because we’re trying to manipulate […]

On Traffic, Money, And Advertising

I was talking with my friend Pat McCarthy from Right Media the other day about online advertising, and one of the things we chatted about was that one of the best-known “Web 2.0” companies out there, Digg, is having trouble selling ads. About 30 minutes after I got done talking to Pat, I went to […]