New additions: 12-11-06

Another day and another few new 9rules members to welcome! | feedAsk Patty | feed Congratulations!!! You’ll be hearing from Tyme very shortly 🙂 A quick note regarding there only being 2 new members today. No, we didn’t slack off this morning and only go through a handful of sites, we actually went through […]

On Branding And The Future of 9rules

Over at I was interviewed and talked about lots of fun stuff. Some things that came up in the interview: We don’t care about a blog’s traffic figures when considering them for admission, contrary to many other networks. It’s all about the content, baby. A 4-figure bribe from a wannabe member, sorry man! What’s […]

Round 5 Analysis

To say that our Round 5 with 1,190 submissions was big is a real understatement. We got blog submissions from all over the world, on a variety of different platforms, on dozens of different subjects, all from people who are passionate about the blog they own, run, and love. Here’s a graph depicting how Round […]

Toyota Logo Removed!

As of yesterday the logo atop the website was removed. I don’t know if it’s down permanently or whether they’re removing it from their ad campaigns, but I’m really, really happy with the outcome. As I just mentioned at Business Logs I don’t have a legal team, I don’t have a fancy office, and I […]