Happy Birthday To Tyme!

Everybody, it’s Tyme’s birthday today, and I wanted to officially make this known on the 9rules Blog to get maximum exposure. Happy Birthday, Tyme! I’m sure it’s completely no surprise to anyone that Tyme has been doing an unbelievable amount of work here the past few months and our latest membership round would have been […]

Officially Endorsing Barack Obama For President

We don’t normally do this here at 9rules, but in our last podcast the three of us realized that we’re all backing the same person for President, and that’s Barack Obama. I can’t speak for Paul and Tyme on this one, but here are my reasons for why I will be voting for him: Obama […]

New additions: 12-28-06

Unless you were logged into our blog under my username yesterday, you wouldn’t have been able to see this post. I accidentally saved it under “Private” 🙂 Heeeeere we go! Personal Development Ideas | feedAdverbox | feedSunny Man’s Blog | feedLabrat | feedBad Language | feed Congratulations everybody! Tyme will be getting in contact with […]