The fat CTO

If Paul is known as the Oreo CEO, than I must be known as the fat CTO. But, I’d love to change that, as would others. So, we are going to have a community diet. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join us. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500, you should consider doing it with us.

Head on over to the page describing this thing, then sign up if you would like to join in the fun. Go through withdrawal with all of us.


Tell your friends, before round 4 is over

We launched our communities earlier this year and, to be honest, they are not even close to what we actually have planned for them. Obviously, we have many communities that we need to fill out. We have communities that we have yet to add, and we have big, big plans for our community pages.

We hope that you can help us to make this a reality. The communities are nothing without great content and members. So to everyone that has submitted thus far (going well over 600 sites at this point), go find the best blogs that would fit in the communities you think you’d be in, and tell them to submit before midnight.

There is no such thing as competition in the 9rules Network, those sites can only help your site gain more exposure. Call it, a melding of content, minds, and audience, all in one swoop.

Spread the word, before this round is over. And get all of your friends to submit their site.


Be prepared for round 4

Tomorrow night (aka Wednesday morning at 12am), we’ll be opening up our doors for the Round 4 submission round. What should you have prepared? You just need your name, email address, web site address, and a short description of your site. That’s it!

I wanted to make something clear for our those submitting their site. I live in Pennsylvania, and I am generally the person that turns things on and off on our site. So, that being said, all times for our submission round are in the Eastern Standard Time. Where 12am EST and 11:59pm EST fall in your respective time zones throughout the globe, I am not sure. But suffice to say, everyone gets the same amount of time to submit their site – 24 hours.

We’re really excited for this round, and we can’t wait to see some of the great sites we all love being submitted, as well as discovering all new sites that are equally as great.

On Wednesday, you could be the next American Idol… I mean, 9rules Network Member.

The Network

Three six five

Fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce. Why oh why has this one lasted so long! Paul, while good looking and a great lay, just continuously complains about how I cook, clean, and keep this place up and running. With God and Dr. Phil’s latest book on our side, we’re sure to make it at least another year.

All joking aside, it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve under Paul, Mike, Matthew, and all of our members. Our community, even though its directed by the 9rules team, is like a corporate structure in reverse. “We serve the people”. Paul always told Mike and I that we were to try to do everything in our power to make 9rules work for our members, and that is exactly what we will attempt to continue to do into the future.

We’ve made great strides for such a small group, in a very short period of time. We’re hoping to continue that trend, and be constantly improving how we do things here at 9rules.

To our members thanks for putting up with me and my inability to program. To my fellow teammates I look forward to doing what we love to do, together, for many more years to come.


Through the looking glass

One of the hardest things to visualize, as someone that is not part of the 9rules Network (yet, hopefully), is how great our community is. Synergic, active, hospitable, and warm are all adjectives I could use to describe this small community.

How can we change that? How can we open up, even in just a small way, our community to the world at large? Well, each time we do a round of submissions we’re hoping to add more people to our community, so that is one way. Once and awhile, someone that we’d love to be apart of our community comes along and expresses interest in being accepted, and we’re incredibly happy to oblige. But what about those in-between times?

Recently we’ve setup an IRC chat room on We have a few reasons for setting up this chat room, the first being that we needed to have the ability to host large chats. We’ve had chats in the past, during special events, and we were never able to handle the volume properly – but this helps us with that. The second reason would be that we were interested in having a platform for calling quick meetings, or announcements, etc. Now, we have that.

However, everyone can benefit from this channel on freenode. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to join, talk to whatever 9rule’s members happen to be in there, or even ask questions regarding the network itself. So if you are an IRC user, come on in. #9rules on

Don’t have an IRC client? I suggest Colloquy on Mac OS X, or mIRC on Windows.