Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Registry or Wish List

You’d be surprised how many stores and websites give customers the option to create wish lists or registries for weddings, holidays, baby showers, birthdays, and any other event you could think of. Since it can sometimes be hard to come up with a gift idea, a registry can be extremely helpful, plus they’re easy to […]

How to Stop Damaging Your Hair

When it comes to your hair, genetics and luck play a big role–for the most part, you get what you get. There are no magic serums, shampoos or other products which can turn your hair into a different texture, thickness or make it easier to go curly or straight without some serious chemical damage. Unfortunately […]

4 Reasons the IPhone Is the Apple Product of Choice for So Many Consumers

The iPhone is everywhere. On any given day you probably see hundreds of them without even noticing. Everyone from your 11-year-old niece to your 90-year-old grandmother has one because it’s arguably the best phone on the market. Ask anyone why he or she has an iPhone and the answer will vary. Some have one because […]

Most Popular Photos on Instagram

Instagram has gained much popularity last year with numerous people owning smart phones creating accounts on the platform. Their goal? To document their daily lives and share those images with friends and even the rest of the world. Celebrities including rappers, chefs and athletes have also gone crazy over Instagram and now are among the […]

Plumbing Problems? [Infographic]

  No one wants to spend time worrying about household plumbing, especially not during the winter when low temperatures can cause the water in old pipes to freeze. You especially want to avoid that before the holiday season when long vacations can result in pipe explosions, floods, and water damage. Even though plumbing is an […]