Packing for Your Next Tropical Vacation Getaway

The temperature across most of the United States at the moment is inspiring; inspiring families, couples, and individuals to get online and book a Caribbean getaway, that is. With the holidays behind us and the promise of a long winter ahead, it’s not uncommon for travelers to want to escape for a long weekend or […]

6 Rules of Thumb for Buying Life Insurance in Today’s Market

Life insurance isn’t the most fun thing to talk about. First, you have to picture being dead; and second, you’ve got to pay money for a product that isn’t tangible, and won’t be used until you’re gone. But life insurance is a necessity for people who want to leave behind sufficient resources for their loved […]

Freelancer Branding Advice: Wise Tips to Make Yourself Stand Out

Branding isn’t just for big companies and new product lines. Even writers and freelancers need to work on their own brand. Yes, you have a brand! Even if you only offer a single service and don’t produce any marketing materials, you’re still marketing yourself. Your business opportunities and client relations will both improve if you […]

4 Must-Have Apps for Travelers

Whether we’re leaving on a business trip or joining a foreign expedition, many of us remain attached to a mobile device: a tablet or a smartphone. These little gadgets can give us breaking news about our flights, our destination, climate change, and must-see venues. They can also get us out of a bind: helping us […]

5 Surprising Pieces of Sports Equipment Receiving Technological Upgrades

Sports apparel and equipment manufacturers are constantly tinkering and experimenting with new ways to enhance their athletic gear in an effort to make it lighter, more durable and better performing, with the goal of shaving seconds off their users’ times and giving them an advantage over the technologically moribund competition. Technology’s role is obvious in […]