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US Involvement in Japan–China Island Disputes

Written by 9rules Blog on May 7, 2014

Small and uninhabited islands are often a source of dispute among countries particularly in the Asian region. China and Japan, for example, are in conflict over the Senkaku and Diayou Islands situated in the East China Sea. Both are claiming ownership of the islands for years now and no settlement is yet in sight.

The Islands

Involved in this Japan-China row are eight uninhabited islands with a total area of seven square kilometers. Specifically, they are located north-east of Taiwan, east of China and south-west of Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture. Currently, these islands are under Japan’s control.

Asia Disputed Islands

There are several factors that make this territory an asset. They have rich natural resources notably fishing grounds, are located close to potential oil and gas reserves and near important shipping zones.

Japan put up a sovereignty marker in the islands in 1895 after determining, through a 10-year survey, that they were uninhabited. China and Taiwan came into the picture later on in the 1970s when the issue of oil resources in the area came about. (more…)

Why Your Dream Body Requires Diversity

Written by David Jones on May 7, 2014


“Diversifying your portfolio” is common sense financials, and something that a number of Americans are probably familiar with. It makes sense, considering there are a number of ways to both make and lose money, and your mother always warned you about putting all those eggs in one basket. You might not always follow the best financial advice, even when you know it, but at least you have a basic understanding of why diversification is a smart move. The same approach is required for health, wellness, and scoring that dream body, so why do so many people bypass that advice?

Simply put, we’re creatures of habit and when it comes to working out (which is something the majority of people don’t actually “enjoy”), humans want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Do you find getting on the elliptical for 30 minutes each day manageable, or slipping into that thrice-weekly Zumba class? That’s great, but bodies are complex machines and they get used to routines. Even professional bodybuilders aim to get sore every week. When’s the last time you complained of achy muscles? (more…)

Debate Over Growing Popularity of E-Cigs Continues To Heat Up

Written by David Jones on April 22, 2014


In recent years we’ve seen the upward trend of anti-smoking ad campaigns. Medical professionals and health care providers have joined in a big push to get people to stop smoking.

Because of the social pressure to reduce the number of smoking habits, it might seem odd that there’s been a surge in people who’ve turned to electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs as they’re commonly called. However, we can recognize at least three substantial reasons why the e-cig market is growing and thriving. (more…)

Savvy Real Estate Agents Use Video Technology To Boost Conversions

Written by David Jones on April 22, 2014


It’s not hard to see how a slick sales video could increase the amount of buyer interest in a property that’s for sale. With current technology, real estate agents are able to create videos that would have been impossible to produce in the past.

Internet video is a serious and influential medium. Within three years it’s been estimated that it will constitute about 69 percent of all Internet traffic. Real estate agents who take advantage of this can easily convey the value and benefits of a sale property to thousands of hungry buyers.

When it comes to making commissions from selling properties, video has the potential to move properties. If it can increase your conversions, then it puts money in your pocket. (more…)

Top 5 Technological Solutions for Realtors in 2014

Written by David Jones on April 17, 2014


In 2014, savvy Realtors are relying less on paper and more on technology. For example,real estate agents can now connect with vast numbers of potential clients by hosting an open house via virtual technology.

Here are the top five technological solutions and apps for today’s busy real estate agent. (more…)