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How to Be a Better Parent in This Digital Age

The digital age is here and there’s no stopping children from embracing technology particularly mobile technology of all sizes. It cannot be denied that even toddlers these days know how to operate a tablet or smartphone. But while this advancement in technology provides many benefits to people, experts caution against letting kids use their gadgets for long hours as it can be addictive and could lead to serious problems.

Indeed this frequent use of gadgets has already caused numerous parents to be concerned for their kids. Many are complaining over the fact that they could not easily stop their child from using their device and are having difficulty finding ways to keep them away from their favorite gadget.

Studies have found the pros and cons of gadget use among children. On the positive side, research published in the Journal of Depression and Anxiety has shown that technology helps develop the motor and cognitive skills of kids faster than before. By using their hands and fingers, they get a workout while at the same time, they are able to develop their learning skills faster owing to a high interest in gadgets.

On the other hand, this frequent use of gadgets has been found to cause several problems. These include delay in speech or language, attention deficit, learning issues, lack of social skills and moral values, anxiety and depression.

But it’s not yet too late to act on your child’s addiction to his or her gadget. As parents, you need to get involved and be consistent in carrying out your house rules to ensure that your kids respect you. Here are some steps you can take.

Limit Use of Gadget

It’s important to limit the use of gadgets and let your child know about this rule. Set a schedule if possible. For younger kids, the time should be shorter compared to the older ones. This is because they still need more time playing including playing with other kids for their socio-emotional development.

iPhone parental monitoring is a must today to ensure that your kids follow what you say. You can use apps to monitor your child’s use of his device. You can also adjust certain settings on his gadget. When they are able to eventually stick to this rule, they will become responsible for their time.

Go Out on Weekends

Do make it a point to spend a meaningful and quality time with your child. Take a nature trip or maybe take them to the park where they could play and meet other kids. Plan a get-together with your friends who are also parents and do certain activities to make it more enjoyable.

Remember that when you spend more time with your kids and they enjoy your activities, they would still prefer you over their gadgets.

Ask Child to Help in the House

To divert their attention from their gadgets, it would be a good idea to give your child certain household chores to do. This way, you are training them to be responsible kids by making them do something more beneficial. You can assign your daughter, for instance, to prepare the plates, spoons and forks on the table every night and then assign another kid to clean their room. Another option is to let your child become your assistant when you’re cleaning certain parts of the house. It’s a great bonding time between a parent and child.

Keep in mind that it’s important for kids to learn the ways to help inside the house. This will teach them independence and responsibility as they are growing up.

Parents need to accept the fact that gadgets are part of their child’s life today and in the future. What matters is you know how to teach them the proper use of such mobile technology and their responsibilities.