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4 Reasons to Lease an Exotic Car This Winter

Written by Teresa Te on December 26, 2017

Buying and leasing a car are similar in some basic ways, however there are a few reasons why the latter is the better option around the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to lease your dream car this year, or simply want to get noticed driving around something new, this article will help to explain the many benefits that leasing will offer you.

1. Extra Cash

The first and most obvious reasons why leasing an exotic car is better than buying right now is the money you can save. When buying a car, the loan value you receive is based on the entire cost of the automobile, but leasing, on the other hand, means you’re only paying for the depreciation that occurs during your lease term. This ensures that your monthly lease price will be lower than a monthly loan payment you would receive if you had bought the car. (more…)

Put On Your White Hat: 3 Tips For Ethical SEO

Written by Teresa Te on December 23, 2017

SEO is at the heart of website performance. Do it right and your website will top the rankings; miss the key elements and drop to the bottom. Of the countless elements that factor into SEO, though, one of the easiest ones to get wrong is links.

Links are an important factor in building your site ranking, establishing a reputation for reliability and quality, but there is a wrong way to use links. Known as black hat linking, these ethically questionable links are part of broader “black hat practices” that can hurt your site’s ranking. (more…)

Car Accidents: When Do You Need an Attorney?

Written by Teresa Te on December 14, 2017

Getting in a fender bender usually isn’t a big deal. You get tapped from behind, nobody is hurt, and the insurance company offers a small amount of money to fix the dent in your bumper. A high-force collision or other serious accident is another matter. While you might think everything is fine, be wary of moving on without exploring your legal options.

Do you Really Need a Lawyer?

We’ve all seen the cheesy commercials on TV, with the catchy jingles telling viewers to call an attorney if they’ve been hurt in a wreck, but is this something you should really do? While the exact answer depends on the circumstances of the accident, car accident lawyers are invaluable in time of need. Here are some of the top reasons why: (more…)

How to Get First Time Customers to Become Repeat Buyers

Written by Teresa Te on December 14, 2017

A first-time customer making an isolated purchase is great. It allows you to expand your footprint and temporarily increase revenue. However, a first-time customer that ultimately becomes a loyal, repeat customer is far better.

How to Encourage Repeat Business

Customer acquisition is a necessary component of any business – especially a startup or company that’s trying to aggressively scale up – but to make it the primary focus of revenue and growth is a major mistake. (more…)

6 Things to Do Before Accepting a New Tenant

Written by Teresa Te on December 14, 2017

Renting property is one of the simplest ways to create cash flow and build wealth for yourself, but being a landlord is more time consuming than most people imagine. You’ll need to spend time searching for the right property—so you can minimize risk and maximize your investment—take care updating and/or renovating it, then find the right tenants to bring in.

Many landlords accelerate the tenant screening process so they can get their property occupied as soon as possible. There are advantages to this; it reduces the amount of time your property stays vacant and gets your cash flow moving sooner. However, before you accept any new tenant, there are some important steps you should take. (more…)