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What is Black Hat SEO and Why is it so Bad?

Written by Teresa Te on November 27, 2017

Black hat SEO is essentially a technique, in breach of a search engines terms of service, applied to a page or website to get its rank higher on a given search engine. Participating in these practices can get the site banned from the search engine and any affiliate sites as well.

This article should provide a clear outline as to why a trusted SEO company should be dealt with to avoid the consequences. In determining whether a technique is black hat or not, a good question to ask is, “will these techniques actually benefit the user, or is it only for the search engines to see?” (more…)

Delectable Desserts That You Should Serve At Your Wedding

Written by Teresa Te on November 24, 2017

When people imagine dessert for a wedding they tend to think of a towering cake covered with layers of white fondant. While a tiered cake is considered a wedding staple, it shouldn’t be the only dessert served at the reception. If you are planning your nuptials, you need to think about getting sweet treats catered for your guests.

While elaborately decorated cakes are beautiful and grand desserts, they typically end up lacking in flavor. This problem happens because large cakes need to have sturdy tiers, so the sponges have to be dense instead of moist. Then every tier is coated with a smooth layer fondant and sugary detailing, which adds a lot of sweetness but no initial flavour. Instead of opting for a large cake with underwhelming taste, couples are getting clever with their desserts and putting a twist on tradition. Newlyweds are getting smaller wedding cakes with higher-quality ingredients so that they look and taste good. This way you can cut a small cake for photos and have other dessert options for your guests — if you hire a catering company for your wedding they can provide a variety of delicious and trendy desserts to please every sweet-tooth in attendance. (more…)

The Easiest Way to Become a Multi-Millionaire

Written by Teresa Te on November 10, 2017

You can go through twelve years of medical school, umpteen sleepless nights and just as many packed days on the road to becoming a surgeon, all for the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire – that’s one way to do it. Another way to do it would be to craft a time machine out of spare parts lying around your garage, go back to 1986, visit your neighbourhood stockbroker and give tell them you’d like to put all your money in this new “Microsoft” stock. Both those options definitely have their obstacles, and probably, when all’s said and done, aren’t the easiest things to do. But what if there was a way to become a multi-millionaire with only a few minutes of work, and an investment in the single digits?

There is a way of doing it, and it’s a way that pretty much everyone knows but not everyone really pays attention to: playing the lottery. You might be thinking, why, the lottery is a long shot! And you’re not entirely wrong, but there’s a smart way of playing it, and if you play it wisely, consistently and over time, you just might wind up making the world’s easiest half-million dollars. If you play Powerball consistently, you will be amazed by how much you can win, as the jackpot has no ceiling and keeps climbing until it’s won. (more…)

Spoil Your Family This Christmas with the Powerball Jackpot!

Written by Teresa Te on November 9, 2017

Christmas is right around the corner yet again, and while it seems like last Christmas just happened, leaving us little time to recover financially, we still have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and shop for our loved ones all over again. Well, it’s a good thing the Powerball lottery is available in Canada, with its numerous prizes and jackpot routinely well into the hundreds of millions of dollars – while it’s no certain thing to win, buying an inexpensive ticket each draw could yield a massive solution to your Christmas woes.

The prizes work like this: of your five main numbers and one Powerball number, if you just get your Powerball drawn, you win four dollars, or roughly double the price you paid for a ticket; if you match two main numbers and your Powerball, you get seven dollars; if you match three main numbers and your Powerball (or four main numbers without the Powerball) you get a hundred dollars; if you match four numbers and a Powerball, you get $50,000; if you match all five main numbers without the Powerball, you get a whopping million dollar prize; and, of course, if you match your five main numbers and one Powerball, you get the whole jackpot, which will be no less than $40 million! (more…)

How Does Snoring Develop?

Written by Teresa Te on November 3, 2017

Snoring is an annoying inconvenience for some people, and a life-altering burden for others. In total, according to Sleep Education, about 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women snore on a regular basis. They recognize what snoring is, and how it can affect both their sleep and the sleep of their partner, but most people don’t realize how complicated snoring really is—and how it can develop over time.

The Mechanics of Snoring

Snoring produces noise of varying intensity levels, associated with each breath during sleep. For some people, the sound is a loud vibration, while for others, it’s a hiss or a low groan. In any case, snoring occurs when air can’t move freely through the nose and throat. Without that flexibility of movement, the air makes surrounding tissues vibrate, which causes the audible sound. (more…)