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4 Fun Ways To Eat Mochi Ice Cream

Ice cream is a wonderfully versatile dessert — it can be scooped in a cone, sandwiched between cookies, blended into a milkshake or dropped into root beer. Much like traditional ice cream, mochi ice cream can be served and savored in many different ways. If you want to do more than eat your mochi ice cream right out of the box, here are four fun ways to get your fill.

Mochi ice cream is a velvety sphere of premium ice cream covered in sweetened rice dough called “mochi.” Eating this dessert is a delightful experience — in one bite, melt-in-your-mouth mochi will give way to cool velvety ice cream. If you want to get your hands on this treat, go to the website for MyMo Mochi Ice Cream to see all of the outstanding flavors you could try.

Drowned Mochi Ice Cream

Enjoy your mochi ice cream in an affogato, which is an Italian dessert that means “drowned.” A classic affogato is made with hot espresso, which is immediately poured into a cup with vanilla gelato inside. The espresso is supposed to melt the gelato slowly, combining the flavor of strong coffee with the rich sweetness of gelato.

For a twist on an affogato, use one or two spheres of vanilla bean mochi ice cream in place of gelato. If you are looking for something more decadent than vanilla, try flavors like double chocolate or cookies and cream instead.

Floating Mochi Ice Cream

A root beer float is the supreme treat for when you’re feeling wistful or nostalgic. One of the best things about a root beer float is that the recipe only needs two ingredients: root beer and ice cream. Chill a tall pint glass and then fill it with the best root beer that you can find, then drop in two chilled balls of vanilla bean mochi ice cream.

Skewered Mochi Ice Cream

You don’t need to limit kabobs to the barbeque — you can make dessert kabobs that take little effort and absolutely no grilling. Add chilled mochi ice cream spheres to a skewer lined with fresh fruit, like strawberries and blackberries. Flavors like sweet mango, strawberry and vanilla bean will beautifully match the fresh fruit.

Mix-and-Match Mochi Ice Cream

If you want to be a little experimental, you can buy multiple flavors of mochi ice cream and mix them together. Don’t just mix them by throwing them into a bowl together — cut the spheres of multiple flavors in half, then join two different flavors into a new sphere. You can pair tastes like mint chocolate chip with cookies and cream, or strawberry with double chocolate. Get all of the flavors and use your imagination to see which ones complement each other.

There is more than one way to experience the unique and delicious taste of mochi ice cream. You can add it to an Italian classic like an affogato, or to an American classic like a root beer float. You can add it to a dessert kabob by sliding it onto a skewer lined with fruit, or you can pair it with another mochi ice cream to make a brand-new flavor combination. After you have tried all of these fun desserts, you can continue experimenting with recipes — there are no limits to how you can enjoy mochi ice cream.