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4 Fun Ways To Eat Mochi Ice Cream

Written by Teresa Te on October 11, 2017

Ice cream is a wonderfully versatile dessert — it can be scooped in a cone, sandwiched between cookies, blended into a milkshake or dropped into root beer. Much like traditional ice cream, mochi ice cream can be served and savored in many different ways. If you want to do more than eat your mochi ice cream right out of the box, here are four fun ways to get your fill.

Mochi ice cream is a velvety sphere of premium ice cream covered in sweetened rice dough called “mochi.” Eating this dessert is a delightful experience — in one bite, melt-in-your-mouth mochi will give way to cool velvety ice cream. If you want to get your hands on this treat, go to the website for MyMo Mochi Ice Cream to see all of the outstanding flavors you could try. (more…)

Best Red Wines For Under Twenty Bucks

Written by Teresa Te on October 6, 2017

Every wine lover wants that perfect marriage of quality and price when choosing a bottle to enjoy, but with so many selections to choose from, how do you prevent from becoming disappointed? For red wine drinkers, the key is to find a wine that offers balance on the palate while retaining an inviting complexity on the nose. When hunting for something new however – trust the experts to steer you in the right direction. There are critics who make it their mission to seek out the best wine. To guide the public towards bottles worthy of attention and to deter them from undrinkable selections, they developed a point system (where 90+ points established a truly impressive bottle). (more…)

Calling Cuba From Canada Just Got Easier

Written by Teresa Te on October 2, 2017

Do you have family living in Cuba, vacationing in Cuba, or doing business in Cuba, necessitating long stays in the Caribbean country? Staying in touch can be complicated and expensive if you’re still relying on your main phone carrier or buying long distance calling cards. Both methods leave a lot to be desired; while your carrier offers exorbitant rates, long distance calling cards that advertise low, affordable rates for international calls from Canada often claw back large sums of money through unadvertised fees or practices like minute rounding. There’s often no way to tell how much of the money you spend on a calling card actually gives you time to talk. Meanwhile, internet access in Cuba means that VoIP calling can be difficult and unreliable. (more…)