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5 Steps to Take If Your Vehicle Is Damaged by Flood

Written by Teresa Te on September 29, 2017

Floods can happen anywhere, and they can be devastating to almost any vehicle. Vehicles are full of complex moving parts, and the water can damage not only the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also its functionality, creating a safety hazard and plummeting its value.

In light of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which collectively damaged more than one million cars, it’s even more important to be aware of the damage floods can do to your car—and how to respond. (more…)

Don’t Think Bicycles Belong On The Road? This Might Change Your View

Written by Teresa Te on September 25, 2017

Sharing the road with bicycles isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. They’re slow, unpredictable, and pose a significant danger to themselves when they ride on the wrong side of the street.

Bicycles are considered a nuisance by many drivers, and some people don’t even like sharing the road with motorcycles. It’s not that people are selfish; they just don’t feel comfortable with smaller vehicles on the road because they’re hard to see and easier to hit. (more…)

Financing Your Senior Years: Planning Considerations

Written by Teresa Te on September 20, 2017

What’s waiting for you post-retirement? With Americans living longer than ever before, more than 50% will need nursing home care – and that can come at a pretty penny. Individuals and their families need to plan extensively in order to make those final years of life both comfortable and economically tenable.

There are numerous different ways to approach living arrangements for our loved ones or ourselves as we age, but we need to start thinking about it now. Here are some factors to weigh as you assess where you’ll live and who will care for you. (more…)

On Trend For 2018: 3 Wedding Styles

Written by Teresa Te on September 20, 2017

Planning the perfect wedding is an art form that requires mingling current trends with personal taste to create something unique and memorable – and part of what makes this so difficult is that the trends when you start planning are likely to be different from what’s stylish when the wedding date actually arrives. In 2016, weddings were all about metallic colors, convertible dresses, and quirky dessert bars, for example, while in 2017 we’ve seen a lot of destination weddings, big entrances, and overhead decorations.

Now, with the 2017 wedding season winding down, it’s time to start thinking about what’s on the horizon for 2018 nuptials. Expect to see these 3 trends making a splash at ceremonies in the coming year. (more…)

How to Start and Build an Emergency Fund

Written by David Jones on September 19, 2017

Emergency funds aren’t fun. Starting one up may pull money away from more pleasurable endeavors. But if you don’t have one, you may find yourself in a pickle sooner than you think. According to CNBC, 54 million Americans have no emergency fund of any kind. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s better to save today than to have to take out a loan with a high interest rate tomorrow. (more…)