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Sell PGP Encryption To Customers With Security On The Brain

Written by David Jones on July 13, 2017

Telecommunications retailers looking for a new product line to expand their businesses may want to start looking at PGP encryption. As your customers’ go-to resource for all of their telecommunications, when they start asking you about solutions for cybersecurity, you should be able to offer them full protection to stand up to the threats and challenges that riddle the web today.

By partnering with a BlackBerry PGP encryption company, you can start offering your customers unparalleled email security software. As digital security becomes an ever-more pressing issue, more and more people are looking for solutions. Telecommunications retailers are often the first places curious customers go to find out how they can protect themselves and their organizations. Companies like Myntex make it easy for resellers, too; you provide the BlackBerry device as well as prepaid SIM cards from the company. Using a reseller portal, you can activate devices in minutes, as well as easily manage your subscribers’ payments and service expirations. (more…)

10 Templates You’ll Need to Get Your Business Started

Written by David Jones on July 13, 2017

One of the best perks of the information age is the accessibility to resources that can help you through almost anything—even building a business from scratch. Millions of entrepreneurs have created both successful and unsuccessful businesses, they’ve learned from their mistakes, and they’ve published some of the materials that have led them to those outcomes. You, as a new entrepreneur, have the benefit of learning from those past experiences to build your own business.

The Importance of Templates

Templates are one of the most powerful ways to take advantage of the experience of others. Businesses need to document almost everything, from initial financial models to purchase orders and invoices, and fortunately for you, thousands of past businesses have already collectively discovered the best ways to document this data.
The key is to know the most important templates your business requires, and find an online resource that’s able to offer them. (more…)

4 Tangible Ways to Show Support for a Grieving Friend

Written by David Jones on July 7, 2017

Few things are more painful in life than losing a loved one. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, or parent, death is never easy to cope with. Understanding this, how can you help a grieving friend who is suffering through a tragic loss? Knowing what to say and do is often a sensitive challenge.

4 Ways to Show Your Support

Showing support for a grieving friend isn’t about spending a lot of money or performing some grand gesture. Sometimes the simplest outpouring of support is the most meaningful. (more…)

The 4 Top Benefits of Regular Home Repair and Maintenance

Written by David Jones on July 4, 2017

You won’t own a home long before realizing that regular repair and maintenance is important. While it may not always be convenient or inexpensive, the investment in regular upkeep of your home is important. Here are a few of the ways you will benefit from setting up a proper maintenance and repair schedule and making sure nothing is left undone.

Resolving Small Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Most problems with your home’s major features don’t start out as huge issues. A more likely scenario is that some small matter develops and is not resolved in a timely manner. The result is something that was originally simple and inexpensive to deal with will now require a great deal of time, effort, and money. (more…)