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5 Top Accidents That Occur in Zoos

Written by 9rules Blog on January 10, 2017


Zoos are safe places to visit with the family and kids. They offer a learning and fun environment where people, young and old, have a close encounter with exotic animal species including those from the wild.

But accidents do happen even to a zoo with the most stringent security measures. For example, people including kids can fall into the animal enclosures either when they get too close or when lapses occur. Some accidents ended up with no one getting hurt while other incidents don’t end up too well as zoo keepers are forced to kill the animal involved. (more…)

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Written by 9rules Blog on January 3, 2017


Your windows are something you don’t often think about. Obviously, you notice the natural light or that a room feels more open, but you don’t always attribute such to your windows. Your windows were there when you moved in and it seems like they should last as long as the walls and ceilings, right?

Actually, just like any other aspect of your home, they have a shelf life. Windows are meant to increase interior comfort and aesthetics, but after a while, they can actually decrease your comfort level and turn into an eyesore. (more…)