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Why Being a Jerk Can Be Good for Your Personal Brand

Written by 9rules Blog on July 21, 2016

Nobody likes a jerk. That’s the general truth we’re told, and it makes sense because jerks are, well, jerks. They’re inherently unlikable. So why are so many celebrities, CEOs, and other notable personalities who are characterized as “jerks” so popular? Take a look at Tim Sykes, who developed a reputation for being a douche bag and became even more successful because of it. Or take a look at Donald Trump, whose brash and boorish behavior likely contributed to his now-stunning shot at becoming president of the United States.


11 Tips To Keep Your House Constantly Clean

Written by 9rules Blog on July 12, 2016

If you’re tired of spending hours washing dishes and sorting laundry, then you need to make some changes. Nobody has time to clean their house when dishes, clothes, and clutter have taken over every room. Furthermore, this takes away from family time after a long day of work.

In addition, cleaning can actually cause stress in your relationships. According to research, 51 percent of women will do housework daily compared to 20 percent of men. As a result, 47 percent of cohabiting couples argue about cleaning.

house cleaning tips

Crisis Communication: Planning & Preparing [Infographic]

Written by David Jones on July 6, 2016

An infographic looking at how to plan for a crisis.