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4 Ways to Get a College Degree in Singapore

Written by 9rules Blog on May 2, 2016

Singapore is a top destination in Asia not only in terms of tourism and employment but as well as in education. With its world class universities and other institutions, the Lion City is gaining popularity among international students as a preferred education destination.

Those who successfully complete their bachelor’s degree in Singapore can be sure to be accepted by international employers and even educational institutions abroad. This is because the country provides quality and comprehensive graduate and post-graduate education in different fields of study. In addition, students can take advantage of affordable education that truly provides value for their money and employment opportunities right after graduation.


New Study Discovers Habits of The Common Gamer

Written by David Jones on May 1, 2016


As the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and rising everyday, it is no surprise that 63 percent of households in America have at least one member who considers themselves a gamer. The Entertainment Software Association has released some very interesting findings in their annual report on the gaming habits of American gamers. With more than 4,000 households completing the survey throughout the country, the association was able to find out exactly what kind of games were being played, how often and what made these people choose to spend their time and money on gaming. (more…)