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8 Innovative Products You’ve Never Seen Before

Written by 9rules Blog on September 29, 2015

The viral nature of social media and the internet make it nearly impossible for things to fly under the radar; however, things do occasionally go undetected. And after reviewing this list of innovative, genius, and downright crazy products, you’ll wonder how you never heard about any of them.

Bicycle blinkers.

Cyclists have always relied on hand signals and acute awareness when making right or left turns on roads and heavily trafficked pathways. There is another option, though. BlinkerGrips can be installed onto any standard set of handlebars and come integrated with bright LEDs that can be utilized as turning indicators and side markers. Safe, practical, and easy to use, this innovation makes a great addition to any bike.

bicycle blinkers

How to Help Teens Cope With Peer Pressure

Written by 9rules Blog on September 23, 2015

Many teenagers today struggle with their emotions and relationships that affect the different aspects of their lives. Experts say this is a normal part of puberty as these youngsters experience the changes in their body and decide on the types of people they want to connect with.

Unfortunately, while teens are in the process of choosing the people to be with, they also go through the so-called peer pressure. As they enter a new chapter of their lives, some teens they meet and get acquainted with may force them to do things they’re not comfortable doing.

teens in discussion

Some even go to the extent of challenging their peers to do risky things. A study by Columbia University researchers, for example, showed that children are six times more likely to have had a drink if they have friends who often drink alcohol. (more…)

Tips for Building Trust with In-Laws

Written by 9rules Blog on September 22, 2015

Getting married means establishing a long-term relationship not only with your partner but as well as with the parents and siblings of your other half. In short, you need to connect with your in-laws whether you like it or not.

It’s true that initially, there would be awkward moments particularly on the part of the new member who’s still trying to fit in the existing family. Many married people would agree that it’s never easy melding into a new family particularly when your spouse have close ties with his parents and siblings.

holidays with inlaws

Unfortunately, when this awkwardness does not fade through time, the in-laws can become the cause of a couple’s problems onward. This is a common issue but one which can easily be solved as long as the spouses make an effort to create a favorable relationship with both of their families. (more…)

Why Many Criminals are Repeat Offenders

Written by 9rules Blog on September 21, 2015

People commit crimes due to varied reasons. Some are forced to do illegal acts due to poverty and as a result of drug abuse while the others do it for power. And while some people make an effort not to do the crime again, there are others who keep repeating the illegal act.

The experts point out that repeat offending stems from two factors. Firstly, they involve impulsive individuals or those with weak social attachments to other people. Secondly, people exposed to more crime and disorder tend to take advantage of these opportunities.

repeat offender

Why Repeat Offending Continues

It is said that offenders learn by doing the act and the lessons they learn are often what prompts them to commit the act again and attack the same target. When they succeed in one instance, they may believe they can succeed once again with similar targets. (more…)

How to Reduce Your Jail Sentence

Written by 9rules Blog on September 21, 2015

When a person is convicted and sentenced to jail, it does not necessarily mean that he or she will stay there for the duration of his jail term. The convict still has other options such as appeal his case to a higher court or have his case modified.

For modification purposes, the Federal government has certain rules but they vary from one state to another. This particular rule allows a case to be corrected or reduced in certain circumstances. Firstly, when an error has been found in the sentence imposed. Secondly, if the defendant serving jail term is helping in another criminal case. A sentence may also be lowered based on a person’s age.

prisoner behind bars

Correcting Errors

It is possible to correct errors made on your case, regardless of its nature. As long as there are math, technical or other clear errors spotted, the defendant can still appeal his or her case. An example would be the number of years imposed for a jail term. (more…)