6 Basics Your Home Business Needs

Working from home is a dream come true for many business owners, and offering your employees the option to telecommute or enjoy a virtual office can be a win-win. You may be able to pay them less for the “trade” of working from home. Plus, you’ll enjoy lower overhead, happier (and more productive) employees, and […]

5 Things to Consider When Incorporating in a State or Country

Of course it’s easier to hand pick where you’ll set up shop or incorporate as a startup or entrepreneur, but that’s not always the easiest time. Maybe your partner is finishing a graduate program, you don’t want to move your kids in the middle of the year, or you have geo-specific responsibilities to consider. However, […]

5 B2C Mobile Businesses You’ll Love

Why are you wasting precious time, gas and cash driving from place to place? With the advent of mobile businesses serving customers just like you, you may as well let companies come directly to you. There are even some instances where corporations work with food trucks and mobile mani vans so their employees just have […]

6 Unexpected Perks of Living on the Beach

Many benefits of beachside living are obvious: The gorgeous views, the (often) year-round sun, and those doses of vitamin D. However, whether you’re looking to buy or for a timeshare, there’s more to life at the beach than you imagine. For starters, it’s a great option for ex-pats looking for affordable housing abroad while managing […]

6 Ways to Get Healthy Outdoors

You know the usual outdoor health activities like running or cycling, but what if those “basics” just don’t do it for you? There’s great news: there are many ways to get fit outdoors, take advantage of that fresh air, and not feel like you’re “working out”. In fact, the secret to getting fit outdoors is […]