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Top 10 Items That Smartphones Have Replaced

Written by 9rules Blog on November 26, 2014

As more Americans become owners of smartphones, the devices are beginning to replace what used to be considered everyday staples of life. Providers of mobile solutions are starting to pay attention to what people do with their smartphones and are using that information to engage with consumers in creative ways. These top 10 items that smartphones have replaced are important to online marketing firms and the providers of mobile services.


1. MP3 Players

Few people tote around a separate music player now that smartphones can download songs, make playlists and even play videos. Smartphones provide more storage for music than MP3 players and hold a charge longer too.

2. Cameras

Today’s smartphones have photographic capabilities and video recording equipment that is just as good as many digital cameras on the market. Smartphones can also instantly upload the photos onto photo sharing services or send them to friends and family members through an email. (more…)

Valuable Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Written by 9rules Blog on November 25, 2014

Moving from one home to another can be difficult and stressful, but there are things you can do that can make the move go easier, keep unpacking organized and maintain your sanity throughout the move. These tips can be used whether you pack yourself or hire a moving company to help you.


Packing Tips

Pack the items you will need immediately in a clear plastic tub. These include box cutters, paper towels, trash bags and tools. By using a clear plastic tub, it will stand out among the other packed boxes so you know to grab it first. Be sure to include items such as phone chargers, toilet paper, power strips as well as a few cooking and eating utensils. Pack breakable items in clothing, such as using socks to pack glassware. Place a cotton ball in your powder makeup to prevent breakage. Cover the openings of toiletries with plastic wrap and then put the caps back on. Pack plates vertically with bubble wrap or newspaper in between. (more…)

Private Attorney vs Public Defender

Written by David Jones on November 24, 2014

An infographic comparing the earnings between the twi types of lawyers.

Via: Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Farar Law Group

Top 10 Ways to Fight Insomnia

Written by 9rules Blog on November 23, 2014

Insomnia is considered an inadequate quality or quantity of sleep that then inhibits normal daytime function. Some people have difficulty falling asleep. Other individuals cannot stay asleep and awaken multiple times throughout the night. Yet other people are only able to sleep for a few hours before awakening and are unable to go back to sleep. The condition becomes chronic when the disruption happens three times a week and lasts more than two weeks. Explore the top Harvard recommended methods of reversing the problem.


1) Stimulus Reconditioning

Do not go to bed until drowsy or sleepy. If unable to fall asleep, leave the room and find a relaxing activity that encourages sleeping. Read a book or meditate in subdued light. Avoid bright lights, music, eating or any other action that encourages wakefulness. (more…)

Top 10 Ways to Boost Views of Marketing Videos

Written by 9rules Blog on November 23, 2014

The written word is no longer sufficient to reach today’s consumer. No matter whether a business sells products and services to the general populace or to other businesses, consumers are drawn into integrated marketing strategies that include the use of audio and visuals. Marketing videos allow businesses to reach thousands or even millions of consumers while showcasing the features and benefits of their products and services. This guide explains the top 10 ways businesses can boost views of their marketing videos.


Make It Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to watch a marketing video that goes on and on. Keep it less than 2 minutes, explains this article on e27.com. If the video doesn’t capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds, the viewer tends to shut it off. (more…)