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Why Law Firms Should Have a Blog

Written by 9rules Blog on July 25, 2014

Many law firms are joining the social media bandwagon today. Social media experts are seeing this as a positive development as it allows lawyers to reach out to their target audience in a more personalized manner. It enables them to establish themselves as so-called thought leaders in addition to their use of the traditional marketing methods.

Lawyers in the U.S. started using social media in 2012. This was when the Law Society issued a social media guidance for attorneys. The month of June in the same year saw the growing use of Twitter by legal counsels with an increase of 663 percent among people seeking recommendations on their social network.

lawyers and blogging

Apart from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs are considered the fastest and cheapest method of reaching out to clients and keeping abreast of the latest industry trends. And reports have noted that lawyers are taking advantage of these platforms not only to promote their law firms but also to gain advantage over their close competitors. (more…)

Improve Your Social Media Presence by Guest Blogging

Written by 9rules Blog on July 23, 2014

Social Media presence can be a lot of work. With the many platforms we have to contend with to ensure our participation,considerable time and effort have to be given and this is not easy. Gaining relevant backlinks is one of the reasons why people would persevere at it. For those who are seriously pursuing this option, it will be of great interest to know that Guest Blogging can provide premium backlinks while improving social media presence.

How does that happen?

Guest Blogging Provides the Right Trail

Guest blogging in a site that has an established audience in a related niche provides just the right trail for the author and his/her own sites to be found. It allows for the option to have the necessary links placed usually in the author’s bio including personal profile links in social media platforms. An article that is received positively by readers almost always results to having additional followers. This can do wonders to a person’s social media presence as it tends to be magnified many times over through the seemingly effortless and voluntary sharing of other people. This is certainly a better option than overly promoting one’s self.

Guest Blogging Packs in More Power in a Single Stroke

While impressive social media presence will have to be obtained by working through several platforms, an impressive guest blogging post can single-handedly deliver the same results. This is why it is very important to use this opportunity to create an impression that the online audience will find hard to resist. Do not guest blog just to do so. Make it memorable and appealing to the audience of the hosting site and the desired premium links will follow.

Guest Blogging Offers Benefits

Many see guest blogging as writing for free and thus may find it largely unappealing. While guest blogging in quality sites do not usually come with compensation, it certainly comes with its own fringe benefits which is primarily critical exposure. It is like getting an enviable advertising space and using your article as payment instead of money.

So How Does Guest Blogging Improve Your Social Media Presence?

In many simple ways actually but it all essentially boils down to the right exposure. When an author is exposed to the right audience who are not shy about their appreciation for good writing, social media following will surely happen. The bonus comes when other people do the talking for you instead of you doing all the talking for yourself.

Slow Response for Your Credit Card Complaints? Take it to Social Media

Written by 9rules Blog on July 1, 2014

One distinct advantage that social media offers is the almost instantaneous results it provides. This is especially useful when you have a complaint about a product or service and your phone call just doesn’t seem to be having the effect and result you expected. Why don’t you take your grievance to social media?

The Social Media Effect

The effect of the use of social media in airing grievances and complaints is hinged on the need for reputable companies to maintain a positive image. Nothing travels as fast and as wide as news and conversation done online. If you are the owner of a company being complained about for all the world to see, wouldn’t you want it to go as away as fast as possible?

The name of the game is damage control. The swifter the complaint is addressed, the faster it goes away. The slower the action, the higher tendency for the issue to fester.

Credit Card Complaints Done on Social Media

Many credit card holders have decided to take their complaints to the social media platform like Twitter and Facebook. The nature of these complaints range from being overcharged for fees, requesting for certain documents, or making follow-ups on a previous complaint. If a credit card holder knows what is best for him or her though, he or she would be aware that there are certain limitations to the contents of messages sent over social media.

Legal Issues

It is not advisable to make unfounded complaints most especially over social media where false accusations can easily have a legal liability attached to it. When you find yourself at a disadvantageous position resulting from credit card use where no fraud or misrepresentation was committed by the credit card company, it would be wiser to consider other more productive options.

Go for the Solution

If you think for example that you would be better off with another credit card company, do something positive by looking closely into the options and apply for a balance transfer. Jeffrey Weber of SmartBalanceTransfers.com has this to say: “Credit card problems must not be allowed to complicate. At the first sign of difficulty in payment, spending must be controlled. Also, it is best not to dig a deeper hole by taking a new debt to pay another. Going for a sound balance transfer agreement does not add another loan but simply allows the credit card holder to restructure an existing loan.”

The solution of course lies in completing the payments as agreed upon.