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Blogging Rules Every Newbie Should Heed

For many people today, blogging has become their way of life. With the internet readily accessible and very convenient to use, a growing number of people have gave up their pens and papers and have gone online to express their innermost thoughts and feelings using the various blog platforms.

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The young ones are also taking the cue from the more experienced bloggers and many are finding it very rewarding to blog about topics they’re most interested in.

If you’re one still starting out, it would be a good idea to learn the basics of blogging to ensure you’re doing it right and are attracting more readers moving onward. Some may think it’s just a piece of cake to maintain a blog but in truth, it takes time, patience and effort.

Blog Topic

Rule number one is to choose the topic which you love to write on. It should be something you’re passionate about so that it would be easy for you to come up with posts as you go along.

Think about the value that you’ll be sharing with your readers. Your goal here is to share useful information on a regular basis apart from eventually gaining web traffic.

Be Original

Accept the fact that there are now millions of blogs on the web and you need to compete against them. In order to stand out from the rest, your best bet is to be original in your ideas and information that you share.

The layout design of your blog is another important consideration. It should be captivating enough and easy on the eyes to ensure that people who visit it will be glued to your content, both in text and images.


Target Audience

Think about your target audience as well. You have to have a specific market in mind and not just the general public. This way, you can tailor your content on what you think would be useful and valuable to them as you go along.

Writing Style

A person’s writing style is normally a reflection of his personality. A serious tone could mean the writer can have a serious outlook in life. A light-hearted writeup, on the other hand, could mean the blogger has a free spirit and wants to savor each moment of his or her life.

Remember that blogging does not have to be very formal. In fact, the more natural you are in your writing style, the better you’ll be able to get across your message to your readers and the easier people will comprehend your content.

Write your posts as if you’re just conversing to another person such as a friend or somebody willing to learn something from you. This trick will make your content easy to understand.

A good move to make as well is to research for more tips from the freelance writing resources available on the web. You can find lots of them written by experienced bloggers and even the pros so do take time to visit trusted and valuable sites.

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