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Celebs That Still Rock Despite Passing 50

Written by David Jones on October 31, 2013


Whoever thinks that life slows down once you pass the age of 50 could be in for a shock. Many people take advantage of the “third act” of their lives to do amazing things, and after 50 is when many of the greatest things are achieved by certain people.

It’s not just politicians, scientists, and mathematicians that do their best work after 50. Celebrities have a place on this list as well. Here are a few famous cultural icons that are still great even after passing the half-century mark. (more…)

Vital Things to Consider When Getting Rental Car Insurance

Written by 9rules Blog on October 18, 2013

car rental insurance

Many travelers think that renting a car is fast and easy. It’s only when they arrive at their destination and personally talk with the car rental company representative that they find the process to be a bit stressful.

Applying to rent a car can be stressful especially when insurance is being discussed and the renter is undecided whether to buy a policy or decline what’s being offered by the rental company. An added burden is when one finds out that a car rental insurance can cost them from $20 to $40 per day depending on the coverage they chose.

Before you decide to rent a car then, it is strongly recommended that you do some research first on what coverage is available and what is most suited to your needs. (more…)