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The 9Rules Network Best Content For The Month of September

Written by 9rules on September 30, 2012

It’s the end of September. And you guys know what that means, in as little as 13 weeks, Christmas is upon us. As we slowly get into the Christmas spirit, do check out these cool content from the 9Rules network.

Your Baby’s Brain on Sunshine – Vitamin D and Neurodevelopment

The role for vitamin D in hippocampal and dopamine system development suggests effects on learning and memory and motor and/or reward systems may be possible. But longitudinal studies in humans are needed to fully address this question. These take time, so it may be years before we get the complete picture. Even with such studies, given the breadth and complexity of its roles in the brain, the sub-clinical effects of vitamin D deficiency may be subtle, diffuse, and difficult to detect. This is particularly the case in the more moderate form of deficiency common in the US and other developed countries.

Vitamin D has a far greater contribution to brain development than most people know about. If you’re expecting or you already have a baby, make sure that he or she doesn’t lack Vitamin D. (more…)