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The 9Rules Network Best Content For The Month of July

Written by 9rules on August 2, 2012

It’s August. And just like that half of 2012 is gone. Hopefully the first half of 2012 has been a very productive one for you – one that you can build on as we hurtle through the second half of the year. But since you also need to relax, check out the best content we’ve had in the 9Rules network.

12 Luscious Ways to Enjoy Lemonade

Whether you’re planning a summer tailgate party or simply want a refreshing hot-weather beverage to serve at your next dinner party, whipping up homemade lemonade is a great way to get in the summer groove.

The summer sun is beating down  in certain parts of the world. Quench that thirst with some really innovative takes on lemonade. You’ll swear off the plain kind after you’ve tasted these treats. (more…)