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The 9Rules Network Best Content Of The Week, Feb. 15 – 21

Written by 9rules on February 25, 2012

One of the things that I both love and hate about February is that it’s over quite fast. I love that it whizzes by especially when I just want the month to be over so I can leave the baggages that have accumulated all throughout the month. But I also hate that it’s so fast that I don’t get to enjoy it.

To slow down your February somewhat, here are some of the best content on the 9rules Network for the week of February 15-21.

Would You Like to Pay by Cash, Credit Card or Twitter?

I received an email this week about a new ebook on the rise of the app. I was interested, so I visited the website and found something I’d never seen before, a “Pay with a Tweet” option.

Click the option, and you get a pre-filled Tweet (which can be altered somewhat) that mentions the product along with a link so others can get in on the deal.

The “pay with a tweet” option is nothing new, but it is getting a lot of attention lately. If you’re trying to build a product or service through web marketing then this is a tactic you really should check out.


A Freelance Lesson From Jeremy Lin of the NY Knicks

Lin worked like crazy for years, waiting for this opportunity. When it finally came around, he was ready for it. Make sure you are putting 100% effort into your freelance business. Stay up to date on everything there is to know about your niche.

The Jeremy Lin craze looks like it’s not going to end anytime soon so might as well use Lin’s newfound fame to good use by using stories of Lin’s work ethic and background as a jump-off point for career lessons. I have to say that this article has succeeded in its objectives.


Facebook Timeline Lifestyle Apps Surge in Traffic

In January, Facebook announced the launch of 60 new timeline apps including Pinterest. At the time, Spotify was already seeing a benefit from having users share their playlists on Facebook – their membership rose to 1.4 million subscribers. Less than a month into the launch, the Facebook development team has reported dramatic gains in traffic and user engagement for lifestyle networks.

Pinterest’s growth is very explosive. It’s arguably one of the fastest growing lifestyle apps and for good reason. It’s a very addictive concept and fits nicely into Facebook. Other lifestyle apps are also growing fast and this article is an interesting read on that topic.

7 Out of 10 Children Use the Family Tablet

Nielsen surveyed tablet owners with kids under 12 and found that 7 out of 10 kids were allowed to use the tablet. This was a 9% increase over the previous quarter.

The majority of the kids, 77%, used the tablet to play games. 57% said their kids were using it for educational purposes (and we believe them, don’t we?)

Kids have a natural aptitude towards using touchscreen tablets and I agree, it’s a great learning tool. Expect to see kids get their own personal tablets when the prices for these costly gadgets go down.

The 9Rules Network Best Content Of The Week, Feb. 8 – 14

Written by 9rules on February 14, 2012

It’s the month of love and the end of this recap of the best content on the 9Rules Network falls on Valentine’s Day. The romantics look forward to this day while others look at February 14 as a  commercialization tactic. Whichever side of the fence you’re at, you’ll still have a lot of fun reading these choice articles from the various sites that compose the 9Rules network.

Problem With Procrastination? Try This: Do Nothing.

In Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s fascinating book, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, they suggest the “Nothing Alternative” to this problem. That is, if you want to get yourself to do something, make the alternative to that task to do nothing.

Anyone who has had to deal with an important task head-on knows that it is sometimes hard to just go and do the said task. Procrastination is a very real problem. The solution of not doing nothing for not doing nothing may actually work.

7 Tips to Help Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

There’s a reason why so many preschool projects involve rice, beads, beans, and shells. Working with these tiny objects builds your child’s fine motor skills and develops hand muscles necessary in handwriting. Look for ways your child can develop fine motor skills at home. Opportunities abound, from misting the plants to finger painting.

My son has to face the challenge of having bad handwriting when he was starting out in school. We actually did some of the tips here and it really worked. Parents with preschool-aged children, take these tips to heart.

Why I’m Not Yet Sold on Jeremy Lin

In the last 15 years, point guards have made careers by abusing the Lakers and this season is no different. The current Lakers roster is not constructed to bottle up slashing point guards. I’ll join the “Linsanity” after Lin goes up against Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Tony Parker and lights them up.

Anyone who’s been following the NBA has likely been bitten by “Linsanity”. The New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin has captured everyone’s attention. But here’s one guy who’s not buying the hype and he tells us the reasons why.

Financial Tricks to Master for a Happier Life

Many high earners will tell you that they aren’t happy with their income. This is because they are already used to the amount of money that they are making. Everything is all relative. In order to feel happy, make improvements. And it doesn’t even have to be related to making money, either.

Money is not the root of happiness, people will tell you that. But for many people, it is the source of unhappiness. Here are some really useful financial tricks that will make you a happier person.