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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on May 30, 2011

Last week there was no “Noteworthy Content of the Week”, the past three weeks I was in the process of signing for a new apartment, removing the wallpapers, painting walls, buy stuff, get friends to install them, packing, moving last week and unpacking.

Today is my first day back in the daily routine. I sit at the same desk in a new place beside a window which looks out on the opposite apartment buildings. I live in the city now and there are people and neighbors everywhere. Lets see if the move and change of location will inspire me to write some posts on my own weblog.

If last week you posted something you’d like linked here, drop a comment and I’ll check it out. Without further ado, this week posts:

What Can You Buy for $1 These Days?

Back in 1930, the humble dollar could get you a decent table lamp, a quality bathrobe, or roughly six gallons of regular gas. But these days, it’s hard to find anything that costs $1 or less.

Why We’re So Bad at Predicting How Long a Task Should Take

First, we fail to consider our past experiences when planning. When planning, people perceive the specific task or activity that they need to complete as unique. That is, they tend to disregard the time that was needed to complete the same, or similar tasks or activities, in the past.

How I Hit The First Page Of Google For The Term Life Coach

Do you know what it was?
“Ask for help!”
The only way I can improve on that (and please avert your eyes if you’re easily offended) is to say:
“For fucks sake, ask for help and stop being so stubborn!”

11 Simple Rules of Excellent Houseguest Etiquette

Think you have what it takes to get invited back again and again? Perhaps you do — but only if you’re following these nonnegotiable rules of houseguest etiquette.

Striking out, looking

A blog is measured by its productivity. Or, it’s measured by its quality. It’s measured by different things by different people in different situations, and those different factors lead to different differences. No one knows what a successful blog is, outside of “this blog makes me money, dawg.”

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on May 19, 2011

Hiroyuki Asada Illustrations Water

Water starts out with a few original works before moving into illustrations from the manga series I’ll. The illustrations from I’ll range from 2001 through 2004, though because Hiroyuki Asada was such a season artist (even at that point) there isn’t a noticeable quality difference.

A fine example on how a good review is done. Even though I know nothing about manga, I found myself fascinated while reading this.

4 Things I Learned as a Grocery Bag Boy

It actually wasn’t. Looking back on all the jobs I had, it was definitely one of my least favorite. However, this is the one job that had the greatest impact on my life. There are just some things you can’t learn working white collar jobs.

It’s always the things that are hard or we don’t like that teaches us stuff about life and molds us in the person we currently are.

Grow Your Own Fresh Air With 3 Indoor Plants

Researcher Kamal Meattle gives a fabulous talk on Ted TV. The topic “How to grow fresh air in your home”. His 15 years of research amazingly reveals that all you need is 3 common indoor plants.

I know there are plants that clean the air inside your home. But this easy broken down post makes it easier to pick a plant. I already own one not listed that makes oxygen. I especially like the plant that removes toxins, I will definitely get one.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is a human condition that Life Coaches, and even more shockingly, Productivity Coaches, suffer from.

Before reading this post I already said to myself, procrastination is unavoidable. I think if we didn’t procrastinate at all, we’d succumb to stress. A lot of people perform better under a looming deadline instead of working way ahead.

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee

My love of coffee was one of the primary motivators to apply for a job at Starbucks while in college; free, all-you-can drink coffee during my shift was enough stimulation for me to sign on as a barista for a few years.

I’m caffeine sensitive, so I drink everything decaf. That doesn’t take away the relaxing ritual of sitting in a nice cafe drinking a hot cappuccino or latte while reading, people watching or sharing a conversation.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on May 12, 2011

Explaining why I’m an illiterati

Maybe I’m a simpleton but isn’t it possible that sometimes an author is just telling a story? After all, we’ve all told ghost stories or tall tales that had no symbolism or meaning other than trying to scare or entertain. Of course, maybe the fact a book requires searching for symbolism and nuances is what differentiates “literature” or “literary” fiction from just plain novels.

Back in highschool when I had to read about 15 books for each language class, I started wondering if authors really did mean all those symbolism. Did the fact that the protagonist painted his walls yellow mean that he was empathic, or did the protagonist painted his wall yellow because he likes yellow?

A Perpetual Cheer Up: Hyped Social Network Is About Sharing What Makes You Happy

The Happiest blog states that the social media site is “nurtured by love and coffee”—and if you’re a coffee enthusiast like me, you get it. As one of the initial Happiest blog posts explains, life is about small pleasures, like a great cup of coffee in the morning: “There’s something magical about a hot cuppa that just makes your day that bit happier.”

It’s what I live for and try to pass on. Enjoy the small things of everyday; the warmth from the first sunny spring day, a delicious sandwich, that fun TV show that always makes you laugh, etc. Life is about small things not only big ones.

Julia Donaldson on being a bestseller and push, push, pushing

Not many writers make their living solely from writing, but she is one. Julia very kindly answered six questions for Write for your Life on life after Grub Street.

Great insight into an author who managed to write so many books and be successful at it.

Do You Fall Into the Trap of Overthinking

When I find myself thinking in circles, I find an area of refuge, say, or I re-read one of my favorite works of children’s literature — my favorite emotional comfort food. Or, if it’s nighttime, I go to bed early.

Overthinking can stop you from doing lots of things you should be doing. Sometimes it’s good to just go with your guts or instincts, instead of thinking things over and over again.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on May 4, 2011

Quick Writer’s Guide to Finding Free Images

Like you, a writer who shares your creations with the world, there are plenty of photographers and artists who do the same. Enjoy their work, and be sure to give them credit when they request it.

A key blogging rule is to always add an image related to your post. With all the online resources available, you don’t even need to own a camera. Just make sure you know the licenses and give credit where credit is due.

Facebook Addiction Disorder — The 6 Symptoms of F.A.D.

[…]Facebook obsessions are definitely present in today’s society and whether it is a disorder or not, something needs to be done to fix it

Facebook has become a huge procrastination tool for me, together with Twitter and Tumblr. The last two aren’t that bad as they are a good source of daily information. I imagine Facebook is even more of a distraction for teenagers whose social live is very complicated. Highschool drama continues after school via social networks.

How I Write

Lots of you have been asking me lately how I write and work from home while parenting three little kids and running a home. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to answer some of your questions. I’m not going to pretend that I have the definitive answer for everybody’s situation or business; I don’t. I only know what I do, and I’m happy to share some of it.

Looking forward to these tips. It’s always enlightening to see how others manage the same tasks you tackle everyday. While one is busy with family, other might have a full time job besides keeping a weblog. We all have our non-writing tasks keeping us from writing.

8 Reasons Why Twitter Can Boost Your Happiness.

2. Twitter distracts you if you’re feeling blue. Studies show that distraction is a powerful mood-altering device.

These eight reasons sounds about right to me. Twitter had often cheered me up and tweets made me laugh out loud. Also, always first with the latest breaking news.

Spaghetti alle Vongole

This has always been my favorite Italian pasta dish, but ordering it at a decent Italian restaurant will easily set back my wallet by S$20-30. Now, thanks to this recipe, I was thrilled that not only can I cook this at home at a fraction of the cost (with extra servings of clams), but the cooking method is also quite easy with just a few ingredients.

With summer right ahead, this is the perfect fancy and easy to make dinner for when you are having company over. Love the photos added to this post/recipe, it makes you want to make this dish right away.