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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on April 27, 2011

This week list contains a few articles about writing, because that’s what we all who have a weblog do, write. There is and there will always be things to learn about writing. To some it comes instinctively while others have to put a bit more effort into it.

Starting The Article Writing Process

It can be extremely frustrating and aggravating when the words that you are looking for just don’t seem to want to come. But you must learn to relax and let them come.

I have a procrastination routine involving TV shows rerun and reading other weblogs before I get into what I call the ‘zone’. Even when I know what I want to write about it takes time.

Writers Are The New Publishers

These small publishing outfits are likely to be the solution to the process problem, and I look forward to seeing how they solve the intricacies of editing, design, and ebook production in a low-margin, high-output context.

I’m all for small publishers, their books are craftsmanship, carefully designed and edited. A different experience than mass produced books.

Superheroes Can Be Jerks

When they’re not busy saving their city, the Earth, or the entire cosmos they’ve proven time and time again to be mean spirited, petty, and immature.

I never thought about it this way, but Tony Stark was a real ass in Iron Man 2. Nice entry to get you thinking about something completely out of the box.

Take stock and think ahead when you get extra time to write

Most writing is done in your brainbox, naturally. But there are plenty of external pressures that influence your work and it’s vital that they’re kept in check too.

The above quote is true, ideas come up when you are everywhere but behind your computer. I still make the mistake of not writing a small idea down thinking I will remember it. Not.

I wonder if it would be easier to write an entry, article or piece if I could just forget about grammar and spelling. Just write the whole thing without caring and then edit it or let an editor edit it.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on April 20, 2011

Mother Ghost

For now though, I wanted to say that I’ve been reading a really fun book about creativity — it’s by Lynda Barry, the cartoonist, and it’s called What Is It. (Or is that what it is?) Because she is fun, she has invented a fun exercise for doing some image-based writing that I’ve really enjoyed.

RIP: Skribit

Skribit, which was founded in 2007, had the laudable goal of helping cure writer’s block. I support anyone who has that goal.

Skribit was a great idea, I even had an account to try it out. Personally I think an issue was that readers don’t have many ideas. If we as bloggers struggle already with what to write, readers have even less of an idea. They just know they want to read your writing.

5 Ways to Boost Your Retweets

[..] one of the most powerful aspects of promotion on Twitter is to get retweeted (or RT in Twitterspeak).

This article is for freelancers, but the tips apply to anyone who wants to boost their retweets.

A writer’s virtues: patience and persistence

First of all, writing is a craft. By that, I mean that you can always practice and improve. The idea that someone with no writing experience can one day start scribbling and produce a significant, credible piece of work is nonsense.

I don’t write a lot compared to most, but the little writing I do takes a lot of patience. Sometimes I play with the idea to write in my native language, but I wouldn’t have a large audience then.

Safe at work

There are people who do the jobs that I could never do, no matter how much I think I could do it, no matter how often I think I could really take a risk and push myself into the nether regions and do something hard and dangerous and edgy.

This is very true, I used to fantasize what it would be like to be a National Geographic photographer. It seems like a glamorous job, while it actually consist of sleeping in bare circumstances, dangerous animals and insects. Steve Irwin is a unforgettable example of how dangerous working in the wild can be.

A Simple Guide To Belly Breathing

It directs your energy and attention inwards. Helps get out of your head, even if its just for a moment and can settle and calm any anxious feelings.

We all deal with stress daily. It was my physiotherapist who taught me years ago to belly breath. Since then I have been told by many specialist that you need to make belly breathing a natural habit. It also helps when you are behind the computer and stuck with whatever you are doing.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on April 13, 2011

What I’ve Been Reading: The Elements of Content Strategy

This book is dense. It took me two hours to read. It’s packed with “HOW.” Enough “HOW” that it really will get a special spot next to my computer, much like how Strunk and White used to sit just within my reach.

My copy is still in its plastic, need to read it soon, I keep coming across great reviews.

Find Free eBooks and Price Drops for Amazon Kindle

This is an excellent way to find reading material for your Kindle

If your credit card bill has grown a lot since owning a Kindle, this might help.

Not Enough Time? How to Stop The Illusion

While you cannot control everything in this world you definitely can control your time and how you spend it. Enjoy it. Treasure it. Spend it on what really matters and be happy.

I always keep telling myself that time is relative, time doesn’t exist. Doesn’t help much.

Why I’m Using a Facebook Ad Campaign To Find Myself A Date

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just use Match, eHarmony or some other dating site?

So far this week this is the most offbeat entry I have read. I never thought people might use Facebook ads this way. Which on after thought is not so difference than placing an add in the newspaper, like people did before the digital era.

Amazon to Offer Ad-Supported Kindle at Discounted Price

I have a Kindle. I’ve been loyal to my Kindle even in the face of e-readers with color and iPads that sing and dance. But this new Kindle with Special Offers makes Amazon look cheap.

This reminds me of desktop computers 12 years ago that came full of commercial apps. If I didn’t own a Kindle already I would still buy the ad free one.

About Pages Examples

Written by Darice de Cuba on April 6, 2011

As mentioned last week, this week I’m listing exemplary about pages from weblogs in the 9rules feed. While going through the weblogs I noticed that some put up the date on which the about information was updated. I have mixed opinions about that. On one hand you know how old the information is, on the other if it was last updated four years ago, you wonder if everything still applies, like current job, hobbies, etc. But if the weblog is regularly updated, I guess it is a minor issue when the last update on the about page was.

From these pages below you can see that most of them list their name, city of residence, current job, family and other various information. After reading about the writer and then reading the posts, you get a feeling of actually getting to know someone. For me this is one of the beauty’s of weblogs.

Coffee & Conversation


ivman’s blague


Art and Musings by Jessica Doyle

e*star LA

Word Grrls

Manga Maniac Cafe

Cook Local

Even Tumblr had to recognize the need to have a page option, which many users use for their personal information.

To give your readers a sense of familiarity, go over your about page once in a while to see if anything needs to be added or removed. In my own case I at least update my age every year and add a recent photo of myself.

Noteworthy Content of the Week will be up later this week.