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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on December 29, 2010

Year 2010 is coming to and end. It seems like the older you get the faster the years fly by. When I go through my weblog archive which has been around since 2003, I can see a world of difference in my writing and read about stuff I was thinking or doing all those years back.

That’s the one thing I really like about having a personal weblog, having documentation of my past. While it’s not a dear diary type weblog, it is great to read how I have grown and opinions I had back then that are not the same today. Unlike a hand written journal a weblog can be backed up and is easily searchable.

I have always written from a personal point of view, like I’m actually talking to someone sitting in front of me, or at least I tried and still try.

This week there isn’t much noteworthy entries, not that what was published was bad but it is a lot of the same, Christmas wishes mostly. But one entry stood out and it says exactly how I feel about the current state of most websites and weblogs that contain articles and entries.

Make the Web Personal

You aren’t talking to a robot. You aren’t talking to a site crawler, or an RSS feed. You aren’t even talking to an audience, whatever that means.
You’re talking to a real person. Every time.

I cannot emphasis how true this is, personally I click away very fast from weblogs that have pure marketing and SEO focused content. If I don’t feel like someone with a personality and opinion is telling me something I move on and forget about the website. This is why having a good ‘About’ page is important, so your readers know who you are, who is talking to them.

I leave you with Corey Vilhauers insightful entry mentioned above. May 2011 give us all inspiration and passion to keep going with our weblogs and to improve our writing.

A happy new year to all!