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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on November 24, 2010

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. For the occasion I have selected a couple of seasonal posts related to Thanksgiving and Christmas. As usual in November and December most people are busy with deciding what gifts to buy for loved ones and what to do with left over turkey.

2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Kits

When my car broke down the winter of my freshman year of college and I was stranded on the side of the road, I didn’t even remember the emergency kit was in my car. In an act of desperation (remember, only the very wealthy had car phones back then), I opened up the trunk, and was surprised to see an emergency kit ready to help me.

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

You had all that delicious food for Thanksgiving. But then what? After the food hangover has passed, here are some ideas to incorporate turkey well into the new year without getting burned out.

25 Cool Geek Gifts

Geeks have transformed themselves from dull-headed, inefficient persons to the highly sophisticated intellectuals who are known for their intelligence, smartness and efficiency today. In today’s world they are persons who have set a benchmark for themselves and make others wonder about their outcome which leaves everybody gaping.

9 Homemade Christmas Gifts That Might Actually Get Used

As a guy who thoroughly enjoys food (don’t we all?) if I can eat it, I will enjoy it. But there are a few other gift ideas listed below that I think would have a decent chance of being enjoyed by many!

Is it difficult to write a blog?

…if you want to have successful blog – then it has to be the one of the most important things in your life (it has to be in top 5 of your priorities).

An interesting take on blogging and dedicating yourself to a project in general. It does sound about right, if you want to succeed at blogging or anything else, it must be on your top priority list. Total dedication to successfully achieve a goal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on November 17, 2010

Life is short

Do not take for granted that the people you love will always be there for you. In fact, NOW is the best time to show your family and friends how much you love and care for them. NOT when you have graduated, or joined a multi-national company, or climbed the corporate ladder, or after you have gotten the promotion.

A personal entry that doesn’t withhold on anything. I have a personal weblog and I have been through a couple of deaths in my close family, but I could never get myself to write about them. Maybe it has something to do with my character, but personally I feel that if I really want to write on a personal note, I should be able to write about anything.

Whatever you do, don’t be a needy writer

If you don’t stay cool, you’ll get nothing from the feedback. You’ll be so worried about whether you’re good enough that you’ll interpret every hesitation and every trace of red ink as some huge disaster. Any positives that come your way will drown in your stinky sea of self pity.

This post words really well how I feel, it is very hard to take criticism. You must have a thick skin, especially when your work is out there for anyone to criticize, which increases the chances of receiving non-constructive critique. The best critiques are constructive and help you better yourself.


Deep in the oceans, far away in some ancient forest where even the sunlight rarely penetrates, what lurks in the back of beyond or just too small for us to see?

I never heard of this word before, I do know about the theory that this word represents.

One of my goals is to expand my word treasure. I don’t know of others who speak more then three languages but the fact that I speak 4 languages regularly, really makes it harder for me to be perfect at one language. My mind is full of words and the grammar between each language is completely different.

While I like writing in English best, I’m not willing to let go of the other languages just to be perfect at English.

Do you write your weblog in your native language or in a second language?

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on November 10, 2010

This week Dave’s entry; Seeking Resistance, really gave me a lot of food for thought. It is okay to struggle with whatever you are undertaking, it doesn’t mean you suck or are bad at it. You just have to push yourself and work hard to achieve what you set out to do.

Ignore non-constructive criticism and take constructive criticism into consideration. If you like writing on your weblog, just keep on writing. Keep setting new goals for yourself, learn, improve and most important follow your own path.

Seeking Resistance

Creating something worthwhile is a time-intensive task even when you know what you’re doing, and if you have to acquire the know-how beforehand it will take even longer.

The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written

I once wrote in a blog post that I thought I was better looking than Brad Pitt and possessed a body that would make Zeus weep with shame. At least one person thought that I was being serious. And I know this because she took the time to write and tell me what an arrogant jerk I was.

What Can Psychology Tell Us About Why People Go To Facebook?

What are the real reasons why people use this social networking site? My plan is to explore this exact question […]

Livable streets

Traffic forms a wall in between people, and proximity plays just as much a part in being good neighbors as personality.

Interview: Roland Sands

After racking up 32 broken bones, he traded in his leathers for paper, pencil and a computer.

Is Your Content Usable?

Written by Darice de Cuba on November 3, 2010

This week instead of listing noteworthy entries I have decided to write about content, specifically different kind of contents. While browsing through the 9rules feed I noticed that there are a lot of linked content or the title seems very interesting and I will visit the site to read it only to find out it’s a pod- or videocast.

The Problem

My beef with a lot of websites is that they always provided text content but then will start doing pod- or videocast more and more. Till today I haven’t come across a website that also provided a write up or a transcript alongside the pod- or videocast.